Cross Channel Voice Communication



  • Dave [Aerosoft]


    I am NOT a Discord Developer (I'm not clear on how you thought I was one).  Yes, I have used TeamSpeak and I am very familiar with it. I know what Cross Channel Communication is, otherwise I would not have asked for this feature on Discod years ago and I would not be following this thread. You referenced the military as an example, well, I'm retired from the military where I used all types of communications. If I wanted to use TeamSpeak again I would, but my preference is to use Discord.

    I was merely asking the Discord developers to comment here in this thread about the development of this feature.  I asked them 2 years ago and they kindly did comment, I was hoping for them to do so again, but there is no indication they are monitoring this thread.  If they wanted to implement this feature I'm sure they would have, and after several years of the community asking for this feature I think it's safe to say that the DISCORD developers don't believe this feature is important and they don't care to implement it.  In other words, continuing to ask is only going to result in more silence from the PTB, and that's fine. It's their toy and they can do what they want with it. I do however take exception to the that that they won't comment on this one way or the other - that's just terribly poor customer relations.

    I'll leave you guys to pissing into the wind (in other words, I'm outta here).





  • Querzion

    Dave [Aerosoft]

    Sorry tired. Read it wrong.

    I have also asked for this feature, I'm not going to install TS in order to play some games.

  • pol

    Discord continues to ignore the things people want for things nobody cares about.


    Useless Nitro changes, useless game library, useless UI changes.


    Yet no whisper feature or anything to make it match up to TeamSpeak.

    They continue to spout the hubris of 'ditch teamspeak', knowing full well Discord will forever be inferior to TeamSpeak because they do not care to upgrade their voice systems for anything relevant in the gaming industry.


    We'll ask for this feature for years until Discord inevitably dies and never get it because they refuse to add anything people care about these days.  I love still using TeamSpeak and only using Discord as a hub to invite people from games/clans to for announcement info and then utilizing a separate voice service because the 'all-in-one' is nothing but a text service with basic voice features.

  • Hurtflute

    Another similar suggestion is to be able to join multiple channels at once +  channel specific PTT binding will be amazing.
    Existing permissions & roles can further help customization (in case of needed crowd control / spam noise).

    IE (Simple):

    • Platoon Channel - Everybody will join.
    • Leaders Channel - Squad Leaders + Platoon leaders will join
    • Squad 1 Channel - Only Squad 1 memebers will join
    • Squad 2 Channel - Only Squad 2 memebers will join
    • Squad 3 Channel - Only Squad 3 memebers will join
    • Squad 4 Channel - Only Squad 4 memebers will join
  • callidus

    If they wanted to “monetize” this feature, i.e. “To have access to this functionality, you must have X number of NitroBoosts”... if that’s the only thing or only way we can get this done, my guys and I would more than willing to spend the money.

    If you think about it, Nitro is the only way they’re bring money in for this “Free Service”, so it makes sense that their focus is “improving Nitro features”.

    I’ve @discordapp on Twitter numerous times and very rarely have they replied. But as “Dave [Aerosoft]” mentioned, it’s their toy and they can do what they want with it.

    From a layman’s perspective with limited/basic programming experience, I don’t understand how “setting voice channel permissions” (which they already do well), and “roles” (which they also do well) to access/view certain text/voice channels (again, done well through permissions/roles) that having this function, barring the requirement that *IF* users want to use this feature, and forcing “Push-to-Talk”, with a second, alternate PTT for the “whisper PTT”

    I’m going to ping the dev’s again on Twitter now. Try to ask them to respond to us.

    Fingers crossed. #staystrongboys

  • Woolfson


    maybe, the time has come


  • Makedonsky

    Gosh... How come this is still not implemented after all the years this issue is opened?
    Cmon, @discord #discord 

  • Procver

    Hello? Discord? It's been almost two years and I'm still waiting for a response. Just say "we're not capable enough to do it" if you can't. At least give us closure.

  • Noksouls

    do it please



    I agree.  This is a much needed feature. :)

  • MenDi

    Whisper option please?

  • Chibi

    Honestly this would help in any coop game or MMO.  Raids with 25 plus people and only needing to ear based on roles like raid lead hearing tanks in their channel and and heals while directing DPS and Calling Rezzes would help a ton. DPS do not need to hear tanks and heals don't need to be heard constantly by DPS.... DPS in MMO's tend to need just a direction here and there with a reminder  not to stand in shit. 


  • Bryn1701

    Yes please!

  • callidus

    We ALL need to be spamming the link to this suggestion page and getting everyone/every place we have access to and ask them to "Upvote" this request... it's the ONLY way that this request will be taken seriously. 

    Take a minute, copy the URL at the top, spam your Discord servers, Facebooks, Twitters, Steams, etc. and ask people to "upvote" (it's free and takes only a moment)

    Again, the ONLY way this gets done is if we can show that there's a strong enough "want" for it and the only way is to show the Dev's by "upvoting" this request. 

    Let's get this done! It's been too long...

  • Lindenkron

    It's strange how features like this, that directly puts them in competition to steal TeamSpeak users, isn't prioritized. But a lot of other trivial things are..

  • killermops.laptop

    I have the feeling the are either not aware of this thread and countless others like it or they simply don't care... Really sad.

  • Justicar

    Make this happen!

  • callidus

    I’ve said it before, several times, we need to get the word out about this thread and *MAKE* them see it.

    Spam “@discordapp” on Twitter, post on their Reddit, post this link in Discord servers you belong and ask people to “upvote”, and link this thread’s URL on all of them.

  • Sandman

    Please add a cross voice channel communication feature. Having the ability to communicate across multiple voice channels is needed. There is a new app called Guilded which has this feature. This video  is a perfect example of managing more than 50 people in a voice channel. There is another competitor Guilded.. Please Discord Devs, at least acknowledge this is a feature request by many!

  • Alundil

    Discord needs this feature. It's something that TS/Mumble/Vent had for a long time and was out to great use for a number of games/orgs.


    You shouldn't let the new kid on the block (guilded) steal users from you through inaction.

  • Scavvy Mclootus

    How is this not a thing yet?

  • Shade

    Yes please! Even an in channel whisper to others of a select role, or a separate layer of role specific chat. There is so much you could do with this! 

  • Cid

    So needed and a must when you do bigger raids/fights to coordinate everything.

  • Nagyn

    Do we have any plan update for that? 2y have been gone.
    Most of the people are forced to play on TeamSpeak


    Or use

  • iNgeon

    Yup, been seeing people dumping Discord for Guilded.
    Such a shame Discord been sleeping on this

  • Rockerl2

    Unbelievable as such a simple function was not implemented in Discord. Even if it was necessary to pay for such a function, we would pay.

  • Murray

    Why has this not even been touched on yet? Come on Discord.

  • Creep

    just checking back in here. how has this not been implemented yet? lots of folks asking for it in multiple threads on the support site for 2+ years... not trying to be rude but, c'mon discord... please implement this feature! make it a paid one. i would boost as much as necessary to have this!

  • Alundil

    Guilded and a currently beta revamped TS will drag back from Discord, the people Discord dragged away from them and slack a few years ago. All the while , discord tries to step into a streaming realm far behind others like Twitch and YouTube and even Mixer. There's value in focusing on giving your existing user the features they expect/request in your core product before seeikng to disrupt a different model dominated by incumbents far larger than you.


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