Audit log enchancement



  • zabszk

    Yes, being able to search by target user would be great.

    I also suggest adding option to hide:

    • all actions performed by bots would be very helpful on bigger servers, where 80% actions are made by bots (autorole, selfrole, etc...)
    • non-administrative actions (changing own nickname, creating invitation link)
  • anime

    PLEASE ADD THIS DISCORD. It is quite useless to only search for the user who ACTED on someone. In most scenarios, when using audit logs, I need to search who got acted ON and it's impossible to go through 30 people who have permissions to act on people with 20 different vague categories of actions that can be taken.

  • emily

    Yes please. It's next to impossible to make use of audit logs at all in a medium-large sized server if the action was taken more than a few days ago.

  • Rohan7K

    This exists on mobile/android app. idk why its not a thing on desktop app...


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