[FEATURE] Hiding Specific Roles



  • MeadowLark

    This would defiantly be useful! I would be able to maybe hide the bots role so my server member list would look much cleaner. I would love this feature! Does discord even read these?

  • Zryanpower

    @discord plz add this

  • Blk07ShelbyGT

    I love this idea. It would be good for those who own popular game servers. Daily we are banning people who come in and go through the member list to send them either spam or they are trying to advertise to get members.

  • Evil Morty

    it's awesome idea. it would be lovely to have option to hide role from specific users, rly useful. I wish discord devs do it, and I can't wait. sooner or later it will be probably a feature on discord.

  • ThePenguinLord

    I've made a Werewolf Discord Server for my friends at school. This feature would be especially useful for things like making people the werewolves and the rest of the village couldn't see what they were.


  • 8q

    i just want a hidden role for me and my gf to talk without people knowing 

  • Blk07ShelbyGT

    So make a channel that only you and her are allowed to see. You don’t have to use roles for that. Make permissions of the channel based on users not roles. Make sure mods and admins can’t bypass permissions.

  • Scharfschütze_99

    +1, its been 2 years still none took a look?

  • Jacinth the Cool

    Oh come on pls someone Take a look on this..or tell us why it wont be possible...


  • Teach

    Cough cough - bump. 
    Really need this feature.  

  • Instinct

    Bump again. This NEEDS to become a thing. Definitly would love to have hidden roles that allow certain permissions but don't clog up the "profile page" of the user in the server. 11/10 idea.

  • Blu

    I want to be able to hide my admin roles and bot roles from being visible to users as they hover over people. I want admins to be able to see hidden roles. 

    Another nice thing would be a permission for members of a hidden role to see other members with the same role. So, if I have a mods group, I want each mod to be able to realize they are looking at another mod. I don't want everyone else to see they are a mod though. 

  • Tag

    Please make this happen.

  • DracoTheLuaCoder

    I agree. This thing should exist. +1

  • MadTruman

    It's a shame that we are still waiting for a feature like this. It would definitely be useful for a variety of reasons.


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