Brind back the old Dream Land / Discord Feedback Design!



  • ratt

    I agree. This feature is now buried in the help guide, whereas before it was it's own thing.

  • Banderi

    The old layout was compact, functional and satisfying to watch; this is just a generic, bland, space-wasting, hard to navigate, Wordpress "comment section" module -kind of design. The upvote/downvote buttons are super bland and buried under the "follow" button that retains the old style, which clashes with the rest of the website and makes upvoting a feature even more confusing. Most of the old threads' links don't work anymore, and instead redirect to the "help" section. The social media quick-share toolbelt is really the cherry on top though: Linkedin? Seriously? You gotta be joking.

    Don't get me wrong, I understand the wish to make everything simpler, expand on comment editing (though arguably unnecessary) and merge two sub-sections of the domain together, makes everything easier to manage (likely moreso on a back-end level) but this is just a wrong way to do it; the old design was just better, period. It was easy to use, intuitive, and had a nice, compact feel to it. This is just purely bad from a professional standpoint.

  • @Banderi, you could maybe open your own post with this comment... it contains much more information and is more detailed... I couldn't have said any better!

  • Wed Pamda
    who else remembers our old friend Dreamland feedback?

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