Give us an apt repository? [Linux]



  • Entropy

    Agreed, thanks for speaking up. Linux life could be made much easier.

  • TechyTrickster

    I would love a repo for Discord.  having to keep the application updated myself is sort of inconvenient.  With a repo, we'd be able to keep it updated along with everything else on our systems by simply running sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade.  it also makes installation a lot easier.  Installation and updates the linux way! 

  • Kahmlee

    What is inconvenient is that it refuse to connect if the client is not updated, something that I cannot do until repositories of the distro I use are updated with the proper package. And no, it does not support .deb packages.

    Any way to bypass the version check?

  • BillyGalbreath

    This might help. I automated the updates with this script

    It's for running Discord Canary on Debian. I just put this script at /usr/bin/discord and run it to open Discord.

    Feel free to use and modify. ^_^

  • Bleuzen

    I don't think this would help much. If they do an apt repo, they should also have a rpm and Archlinux repo (and others for other distros)... at some point this would be hard to maintain.

    The point is that there are already repos, where you get updates, which are working on nearly all distros: Flatpak and Snap.

    Just install Discord with Flatpak or Snap and you are good to go. No Apt repo needed, would be just a waste of time for the developers.

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  • triangletodd

    On Regolith (Ubuntu based), I put this in my $PATH and when Discord fails to start due to version mismatch, simply run update_discord. Snap is not a valid solution, IMHO.

  • akido_ninja

    I would love that. Just thinkng of it and checked for the availability but no.


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