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  • Hazel - lullabells

    It's not about comparison with Slack, it's just a suggestion that'll work in the benefit of Discord. Threading comments organizes the topics being discussed in a channel. Without threads, even two pairs of people discussing two different topics in the same channel can create a chaos, let alone different groups of people. Kindly look into this and provide us with this so-needed feature. Thank you! =)

  • Nikki meckymeck

    Hazel - lullabells, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Omi-Meeksadorable

    I agree with ZonderZorg threading will definitely make things easy rather than getting confused with multiple conversations happening all at once. With thread each conversation will be less confusing and more organized. It will be less frustrating too haha. Hope you take it into consideration! ☺

  • Danibabe

    I am not going to compare discord to slack because both are different and made for different reasons. However, in saying that, an option which allows server owners to activate/deactivate threading in channels would be beneficial for most people and possibly increase the usage of discord as a workspace.

  • Jinn

    Would really love to see this feature!

  • Gretchen - GMCR25

    I too support the idea of threads. I think it's best, easier and neat to chat for a teamwork with multitasks purpose. If Discord consider this feature, it will surely be a blast! 

  • Solcito - Soy_Solanshh

    I think it is necessary, since the threads of conversation are lost, and there is no order.
    Another thing that is missing is to quote messages. It is a very useful feature in Slack, and here I miss a lot.
    Implementing those two things, I would not miss Slack, and I would fall in love with Discord.
    That by the way, I love the integration with Spotify. It reminds me of my times of MSN. xD

  • Harini - hgjluvkwrld

    Personally, I think that threads are a great way to keep things organized!

  • Pia Glory_feeling2

    I'm just getting used to how Discord works but I would love to also see the use of threads if that is available! I'd approve of that option!


  • iara

    Yes please, I definitely want threading!

  • Jen - xxRazmatazxx

    Please add a treading option, it would make finding info so much faster.

  • Mariana MarianaCCunha

    Yeah, threads would facilitate a lot the communication in big groups!

  • Sara (Sara91Helal)

    I do support threads, they keep conversations much much more organised.

  • xkaydotx

    100% agree with having threads! I ❤ organisation!

  • Mary ~ MaryEstuardo2112 👑

    Definitely the threads would keep the conversations more organized, especially in large groups.

  • Tiago Magalhães

    How many people in this thread are just asking for a free Slack?
    Discord is a gaming centric chat, of you want Slack, use Slack.

    Glad this request is buried in like page 4 of the suggestions forum after having been deleted by the Discord team once before.

  • jsmrcaga

    @straypet I really don't know how you used slack before, so I can't vouch in that context, but I've been using slack for over 4 years in quite different scenarios (group projects, startups, medium enterprises, communities) and since the release of threads every conversation has been a ton more organized. Discord is often used for gaming/software communities, and channels organized by topic, having threads would actually create a lower level of hierarchy : server -> groups -> channels -> threads.

  • rezn

    aahh, this feature please...

  • Tiago Magalhães

    @jsmrcaga The problem with Slack threads is that they are not organized, one pops up wherever and parallel discussions happen hidden by default.
    I just don't think chat threads mix well. Either go all in like Twist or Hangouts Chat or don't do threads at all.

    But if people keep saying I want it like Slack, Slack is right there for you, use that instead of requesting another product to become like that thing.

  • Lousai

    @straypet, people use different apps for different purposes.  You can't just tell others to use Slack or other apps if they like a certain feature they offer.  I use Slack, Discord, Hangouts, LINE, etc. all for different needs.  That should not have anything to do with requesting a feature such as the chat thread for Discord.

    It's true threads in slack aren't organized.  But the conversations are kept inside the threads and you can easily jump from one to another and not lose context.  It's not about organized threads but organized conversations kept inside threads instead of having dozens of conversations going on in the same chat group/channel.

    Please, if you really don't think Discord should have the thread feature, just list it under the feature list and say it won't ever be supported.  Then everyone will stop asking you for this feature.


  • dmelton_

    @straypet Developers should want to make their product as good as possible. Taking notes from other products is never a bad thing. That's how stuff gets better. Majority, including myself, will not switch ecosystems over a feature, but it is not wrong of us to request a feature be added that we think will enhance our experience.

  • Tiago Magalhães

    @dmelton_, sure, I get that. I am just of the opinion that adding threads results in an inferior product.

    The fact that "slack threads" auto completes to "are terrible" as the third option in google search signals that I am far from alone in not wanting this.

    Having cross conversations can be a mess sometimes and it would be great if they could come up with a way to deal with that but please, not threads.

  • iara

    I think having threads might be helpful if it can be activated/deactivated in server settings by owner/anyone with MANAGE_SERVER permissions or in the channel/category itself - so anyone who has a larger server can have some in some places.


    Personally, I'd like it in some channels but not all in my own server - probably the moderation channels where the mods gather and talk about different issues, so anyone with questions on announcements in that section can easily reply and everyone would know what's going on.

  • Amber - The3dreamers

    THREADS! This would be a great feature to have here. Having related messages all in one place would be amazing! PLEASE consider this feature.

  • aashi

    Please make this happen soon!

  • cricksu

    This needs to be in every good Messenger!

  • Atila

    Dude sry not implemented yet ?

    Please do it ? We (I) need this a lot.

    Don't forget to create some rule for thread.
    Like right to reply but not to create a new thread (this wild be super effective)

  • Xerus

    I really want this! Even on one on one conversations, I frequently discuss multiple things at once, and it gets super messy trying to number all the topics n stuff

  • Derkades

    Just a "quote" feature like whatsapp, reddit and any forum software would be great.

  • Cpt_silverfox

    I want to chime in support for threads HOWEVER I think the way slack handles it would be less than ideal. I would encourage you to look at how Twistapp does threads. Basically threads as first-class citizens.


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