Remove sharding



  • lieuwe_berg

    If you hit 40k servers, you're happy about this. Yes, it can cause some difficulties, but when a shard crashes, be happy that it isn't your entire bot. It takes a few minutes to start up, whilst a shard takes about 10 seconds at max. Your lib also must have some documentation.


    If you use the many cross-guild things, consider webhooks or functions for it.

  • Kot

    Please clarify your last statement. Which "professional bot devs" don't know how to shard? That aside, sharding bots is easy anyway.

  • David

    Read the library docs

  • viction

    Anyone who is claims they're "professional bot dev" and yet they lack the ability to look at the library docs for sharding and following the code specific, they are most definitely not what they claim to be.

  • moonlightcapital
    Why though? Sharding lessens the stress on the bot and makes it perform generally better.
  • Blastoise186
    Actually, Sharding is a useful system and has a few benefits. One of the main benefits being that it reduces the load on both the host server and Discord in addition to performance improvements.

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