Pin a DM with someone to the top of your DM list.



  • thomasbnt

    Pin a message and a group.

  • ko-9

    Yes please make this!

  • Taupe Joestar

    It's a good feature, Discord can add it in a future update

  • Suspense
    yes! good idea
  • Lisad

    +1 we use Discord for work and one important group chat just keeps getting lost between the DMs

  • Niiue

    I'm surprised this wasn't already a feature.

  • Maoman

    >Over a year and still not added
    This would be so fantastically useful and isn't even that complicated to implement. Now every time I hunt through my DMs to find my wife's DMs I'm gonna remember this post and get annoyed.

    Edit: TWO YEARS and still not added. Discord what is wrong with you?

  • Pegasus


    Group DMs get lost when there hasn't been a new message in a while.

  • oreoprince

    If possible, I would love this feature added. It's helpful to those who chat with others a lot or if you're in so many groups and you can't keep track of which one is the person you talk to before because most of them have similar nicknames/usernames!

  • Ren

    I would also love this feature. As a moderator of a medium-large Discord, I get all kinds of DMs from server members which I can't just close, lest I lose the ability to access them again if the member leaves the server in the future. That means that my DMs and group DMs with friends regularly get buried. The ability to pin (or sticky, or favorite) DM and group DM conversations so they stay at the top of the list would be awesome. 


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