Automatic server transfer when one of your crash machines



  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    There are some grammatical errors that make your post a bit more difficult to understand. "Host servers in multiple locations, so that there is redundancy when a regional host crashes."

  • Shalut

    The english language is not my primary language speak

    I retraduct the text so everyone comprehension

    It would be great if, for example, the EU west crash server, the discord servers that are hosted by these machines are temporarily transferred to random servers (Example that 2000 servers go to US servers, 3000 servers to servers in Africa, etc.) to allow the discord server to still be able to be used without problems.
    Subsequently, when the EU west server is repaired, all the servers that were in the EU server either return to the server in question.
    Of course, it will surely have resolve the problem of servers overload seen the transfer of mass to perform. To remedy this, you can put a delay between a number of servers for example instead of all the servers are directly transfer, that it takes about 15 seconds for the time that the servers that receive the transfer adapts to the heavy burden

    Please, rewrite me if the text is don't correctly :)

  • kyoko

    lmao, they already do this


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