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    Dabbit Prime
    This is a dupe of https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360033994271 , so I'm closing this out. If you'd like to have your voice heard please upvote that suggestion!
  • August

    They have a marketplace because they need to raise the funds for their servers for the voice and API servers. If you don't want the marketplace, then don't use it and Discord is bulit in Electron, so it will be mildly slow to run but it doesn't impact the games you play.

  • lieuwe_berg

    The different processes are there only for your convenience. If, let's say, the voice process crashes then the text chat will still be there. If the overlay crashes, you won't suddenly leave voice. If you don't want the overlay process, turn it off! And if you don't want to see the news or games store, don't click the tab.

    Note that my browser with only this tab open already uses 600 Mb of RAM, whilst Electron (thus Discord) uses chromium. Discord does not use a lot of RAM.

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  • Knagie

    As Lieuwe_berg already mentioned, they split it up in multiple processes because of stability and scalability.

    Next to that Discord has as minimal impact on performance as it can. 

    Read this blog: https://blog.discordapp.com/how-discord-maintains-performance-while-adding-features-28ddaf044333 

    Discord won't be any lighter on your machine by removing these features as they aren't loaded when you don't have them open.

    If you don't open the store tab it won't even be loaded, same with all chats.
    If you don't want the Games tabs like Activity and Store just go to your settings -> Appearance and disable the switch "Show Games Tab".


  • That guy

    Discord needs a lite version esp for people in low bandwidth areas. After the most recent discord update it has started using waay to many resources. Before the update it would use less than 1% cpu and less than 1% of my memory and only use large amounts of my badwidth while updating. Now however it uses 10% of my cpu 15% of my memory and 100% of my bandwidth ( not consistantly on the bandwith but random spikes that last for extended periods of time) when im trying to play my games and do the raids using discord voice I can't because discord uses all my bandwidth and pushes my ingame latency to over 3k the area i am stationed the MAXIMUM bandwidth i have is 2.7 Mbs and when im in the middle of a boss fight and start lagging ill glance over and discord will be using 2.7Mbs.

  • Knagie

    That is not something Discord can do anything about. Voice is something thats pretty bandwith demanding as it needs to verify if all network/voice packets are received. You could try and use the different voice options in Discord. There are Some beta options that might have influence on the bandwidth.

    Having a lite version of Discord would not change the voice bandwith, it would remove the store and such, at least that's what OP is asking, but as said above it doesn't have that much impact.
    If you want less bandwidth consumption you might want to start a new thread about audio/voice codecs as that's what is needed to change to have less bandwidth usage.

  • That guy

    knagie you should read before you respond. First there are no options to change to effect it, second it started after discord issued an update, third it happens regarldess of wether or not i am in voice. In addition to that there is no reason for discord to ever be using the ammount of bandiwdith that it is because you are WRONG it does not take much to do voip somehwhere in teh code in this last update is a big problem that discord needs to fix. Video conference calls use less bandwidth than discord does now. the steady decrease in quality makes me glad i canceld discord nitro

  • lieuwe_berg

    I don't see how Knagie did not read what you sent.

    Have you ever recorded a super short video? The size of those files will still be huge. I do not see how video calls use less bandwidth than voice calls. Also, if you have 2.7Mb/s, I don't find it very weird that Discord can sometimes peek to 2.7Mb/s of bandwidth usage. When you're not in voice, Discord barely uses internet, so I don't believe you. Either you're looking at your total bandwidth or you have some strange version of Discord.

  • Knagie

    @That guy
    I don't see why you need to send a message in such an aggressive tone but my apologies if I made a mistake.

    Though there are settings under audio subsystem that do in fact change how much bandwidth I use. I've never heard of Discord using bandwidth while not in a voice call/channel, only when my games update from the store will it use bandwidth when I'm not in a voice call/channel. (It will use a bit but not more than 0.1Mbps

    When I'm in a voice call/channel it will use about 1.5 to 2.5Mbps for voice if I am using the standard audio subsystem, 2 to 4 Mbps on legacy and 1.5 to 5 Mbps when using experimental (although this seems to change between updates). So I responded with what I know happens with my experience of Discord. 
    The latest update (16 oktober) didn't change anything to that, I just tested, so that's why I responded with my reply about the bandwidth.


    The audio codec Opus is one of the better ones in terms of quality/bandwidth so they would have to downscale the quality to get better performance bandwidth wise. As far as I know you can't have 2 different codecs in 1 call which means the voice channels would need to be downgraded as well. So to get to my point, if they would create a lite version (in terms of bandwidth) they would need to downgrade all codecs to prevent people form having a not user friendly experience with not
    being able to join voice channels because of codecs. Which won't be a good thing and will only cause problems. 
    So yes Discord can do something about it at the cost of quality for all the users. Hence I said it's not something they can do something about it.

    It's an old post but you can read more about voice in Discord in this blogpost: https://blog.discordapp.com/we-care-about-your-voice-engineering-special-c6348d7dc068 
    I think it still has a bit of information that might be interesting.

    Hopefully I explained my last post to you. It wasn't trying to dismiss your problems or to attack you but it was a try for help that might be a possible solution to you issue.

  • That guy

    @knagie My appologies i didn't mean to come across agressively. Most other programs ive used in the past have always had a low bandwidth version,which only the poeple having the bandwidth problems would even use, and as i said its not just when im using voice sometimes its if discord is running at all (not including downloading updates as that is expected).I also went through the settings when the issues began to see if tehre was anything helpfull to change and i have been using the standard subsystem which untill the most recent update to discord only used 0.1 Mbs network even with 3 or 4 people talking over eachother. @knagie next time its up and im not in voice with it using the rediculous amount of bandwidth i will screen shot it, but i have the most current version of discord

  • Yerbich Of Philipagate

    Comfortable ✌️

  • lieuwe_berg

    What version of Discord? Also, I really can't believe that it uses 0.1Mb/s of bandwidth. A screenshot next time would indeed be useful.

  • Blues_hawk

    Kiddies... In my 30 years in industry I've seen full duplex audio chat lines with multiple users in cloud based servers use less than 10k of bw. That's 1/1000th the current usage(in case you don't EE) Discord has done a fine job on this till recently. The source of the BW and cpu hogging appears to be from the new storefront, and as per OP disabling that would be a nice option for low bw users...most of the third world*.**

      I only have about 7mbit down and 4 of us have used the chat line with a 5th in Arkansas without issues while playing Starbound on a dedicated server in house. The .5k up is a bigger problem...or was before the store opened. Video streaming(~1mb) will take much more bw than audio channels(about 3.5kb per)

    *(Virginiastan, Arkansastan, OKlahomastan, etc.)
    **most of the rural US

  • Knagie

    I'm not sure why you start your message with "Kiddies ..." but to me that sounds like you think we are not on your level.
    There is no need to act as if you're above someone else if you don't know them even a bit and definitely don't know their background.
    So a quick reminder we are having a civil discussion here and are all equal just sending your message and explaining without throwing insults is enough.

    As said my experience is still that Discord uses a negligible bandwidth without voice, Windows doesn't even show it so it's lower then 0.1 Mbps, that hasn't changed since I started using Discord. 

    OP asks for a less resource intensive Discord client, where bandwidth is in theory the only resource you can lower because of the dynamic loading of other parts. If Discord can lower the bandwidth without degrading their quality and getting other users mad this is solved, otherwise how harsh as it might sound one of the two parties is going to have to give way and that would be the smallest group. I don't know if there are more people with lower bandwidth or high quality so that's something where Discord will have to make a choice.
    For now I think it's clear that there are apparently issues with Discord (and probably the storefront) using bandwidth for some people while it shouldn't use that. That is something that can be reported so the right people will hear about it and might be able to fix it. 

  • Blues_hawk

     I meant no offense and will not apologize for my original comment, nor will the whining alter my opinion. 

  • Onii

    Uh you realize that you can hide the games menu and other stuff in settings right

  • Blues_hawk

    @onii  yep...but an option to opt out of just the store streaming would be even better(see other related feedback threads). I didn't think to mention it here earlier, so thanks for cluing others in to that. It may be a pretty decent workaround too. I had to restart to clear out anything already buffering.
     I tried that this morning after "SINNER" blasted off my desk in my evangelical run workplace and I slapped the notebook shut before it could set off any rabid skunk parades. We're going to try getting everyone to use those settings next time we play(Coduo, Hedgwars, Teeworlds and Starbound) I still agree that a Lite version, or at least the opinion driven by the suggestion is a good idea. I also know that developers are the laziest people on the planet, so even if this only nudges them in the right direction(tone it down fellas) then I'm voting for it.

  • la8bloomer

    My PC is less than 1 year old and was TOL when bought.  I keep getting disconnected from my server/router/whatever ever since my clan went to Discord.  I don't like it but am being forced to use it.  Might be time to switch clans again.


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