no cellphone to verify



  • LProgead

    Yes. Why not by e-mail ?

  • Sorcerer

    i dont have a cellphone. and no, email is not an option.

  • jc

    I don't have a cellphone either.  Unlike most, I'm not a brainless zombie staring at a cellphone every minute of the day.  I have a landline which is sufficient.  

  • BlackDragoon

    Email works but sometime the Hamsterbot pin someone down wronfully and ask them to verify phone on this server.

    Allow Landline,
    it cannot be abused

    Bots / spambot uses VOIP, Disposable numbers etc

    Landline you can't do that, is a huge pain to change number, you must change phone service, cost money, waste time etc.

    Allow landline

    Don't allow VOIP, disposable . googlevoice etc to fight off bots


    To anyone who says "who doesn't have a cellphone ?" [insert the rudest thing you can think about here].

    seriously, that's no way to reply to a problem. I could ask you how many times you lost a cellphone compared to how many times you've lost your computer, but I won't.

    A requirement for a cellphone is unnecessary and adds a bump for those who have one, and a wall for those who do not.  Discord needs to rethink its way. also it needs to answer those help requests.

  • Loistava

    I would love an alternative way to be verified, please implement one! I have a cellphone through Republic Wireless and nothing else, and since they use VOIP I'm unable to use many servers at all since there is no way to prove that I am human to your system. Please add something. People don't all have landlines, either, so an alternative that doesn't involve one would be good.

  • Justice

    Another downvote for Discord on this.




    They better be careful, has basically made a Discord 2.0 and it's far more useful from a front end user side and back end programming side.


    It is the little things like this that will literally keep people away.


  • Giovanni Joseph

    Yeah I dont have a phone number to use

  • SquawkaZ

    I just got locked out of this account (SquawkaZ#3050). Its extremely upsetting for me because I've used it for a year and a half, and have built most of my online presence on it. I literally do not own a cellphone, which means I most likely won't get to ever use this account again. Please discord, add another way to verify your account!

  • Despero101

    Yea! like honestly their should be a way to do this by Email or Landline really no excuse.

  • Jolly (spook) Prismeon

    i am as well locked out of my account! this is beyond infuriating. im surprised someone hasnt sued discord over this.

  • onyxlee

    2 years later, just found out that they don't want to fix this problem.

  • HypeBou

    Im also locked out of my account can't do anything abut it

  • kiwi904

    same :c


  • Red Blossom

    Same here. It's stupid and when we email them the refuse to do anything about it!

  • Spooky Obama

    just spent 2 days workingnon a server, then I get banned as a joke, I go back, and I need to verify my phone number. I dont have a cell phone. this is stupid, if I have to result to using my alt for my discord im gonna be very disappointed in this system.


  • Braxton Smith (Spooky Season)

    i've been using discord for about 3 years and am just now getting this problem. Why can't they just let us complete a captcha or something to verify instead? I do not own a phone nor do i have the money to purchase and pay monthly fees for a phone. I would love to have some other way to verify my account like a captcha or something. I got this problem on saturday before i had left for a concert and i've been very annoyed ever since. The majority of my online presence and friendbase is on discord, and i'm getting more and more annoyed by the minute. Seriously, just let us complete a captcha or something to verify it would make everyone's lives much much easier

  • Blue Ribbon Rock

    help us discord or we LEAVE YOU FOREVER

  • Adrie_S

    I already verified my phone number on my account but it's saying that I didn't

  • Mj

    ok 2 times in a row this happened and not out of only me the people that commented days, weeks, and years discord members that don't deserve to have to verify their phone number if they do and don't have a phone we shouldn't have to take the time out of our day to verify our account more


    And discord your $2 billion makes me disappointed 

  • LilyHasMEMES

    i have no cell phone and this is the only way i can  talk to my friends but its telling me to verify my phone number 

  • ❄Phy❄

    I have tried and contacted discord about me not being able to get into my account, I am not able to use my phone number and I can not find my old phone, the only way I can get back into my discord is if discord messages me back on here or I find my old phone, and I dont know where it is.

  • ribbetgamer

    I already verified my email I do not have a phone nor can I buy one


  • Wooper

    same i dont have my phone nor access to it


  • Heat Sync Revenant


  • i literally have been on for 3 1/2 days and I made really good friends but I don't have a phone number and I literally will hate discord for this if they don't fix it and I will downvote discord!

  • Skye

    i have a phone, but not a phone number

  • suga

    Why is there no email option? I don't have a phone, so what am I supposed to do? Discord, explain.

  • Kit isn't So-Fit

    i dont know i just made this new account from general grievous mandalorian


  • a peaceful manner

    I hate this im locked outside my account and i dont have a phone number so what do i need to do to verify i was just messaging my friend 


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