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  • TheLoveableBananaNoodle

    I want this feature to find out whether my friend has died. He already said he had wellbeing problems mentally. Hasn't been online in a month, I at least want to see whether he's seen any of my cries or if I let him die :/

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    I agreed to you. I will give an upvote to this.
  • SamBro2901
    I would love to see such a feature since then we'll be able to see which users actually read our messages.
  • Milicaa

    I hope this will happen because if its really something important we should be able to see if the person seen it of course if its toggled on. Awesome idea.


    Still waiting

  • Cloud

    I disagree, unless the user them selves can set if they want others to see if they've looked at their messages. For example if there's someone you want to ignore someone.

  • sylveon

    I don't get why everyone hates this so much; they're pretty neat. Would work well as an optional thing.

  • ᓚᘏᗢ

    This would be fine only if users can decide if they want other people to know they read their messages. No one is obligated to reply to anyone the second they read a message if they don't want to. If people want this only to see if someone is "ignoring" them then it sounds like they got problems to sort out.

  • Bepis

    I want them too! I hate not knowing when people read my message! Maybe have it off by default and turn them on if you want! 

  • Jafah

    (Just a reply, i do not work for discord or anything) Its not a bad idea, but.... some discord servers are so big that if you wanted to see who saw a message, there would be hundreds or thousands of people who viewed that message and it would be too hard and clustered to even see more than 5 people.

  • Ghostwolf
    People should have a right not to reply back if they don't want to. Maybe there are some reasons not to do this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Finemoves

    Yes, it would be very useful. Skype, Facebook & whatsapp have it, and rather than repeating yourself, you can just see if someone has read your message. I conduct a lot of polls in discord with external links. With facebook I could correlate the number of votes with the number of people who saw the poll. In Discord Im flying blind!!!!

    Would be a great feature. Please include!!!

    ps, polls would be nice too. ;)

  • Costpap
    Please no, please no. One of the reasons I use Discord is for privacy reasons like this. Sometimes, I don't wish other people to see and know if I have read their message or not. Things like this is why Discord is unique. If this gets added to Discord, I'd honestly just move to other apps like Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp, and I know I'm not the only person in this entire userbase who would do that. This not being added is one of the reasons that makes Discord so unique and great, so please keep it that way.
  • symphany

    Oh god, I would have to have read receipts on all the time so people would know I'm not interested in talking to them.

  • Jeffrey
    I would like this *if* there was a way to turn of when you have seen other people’s messages
  • SamuelTheOG

    Good idea! :D

  • Lauren of Lands Unknown

    I definitely do not want this feature. I have anxiety issues and one of the reasons I use Discord as my only social media or messaging is because I need time to answer a message. I may need to read the message a few times before I can muster up being able to reply. This feature is very invasive and makes some people (such as myself) feel pressured and anxious, and really that takes the fun out of using Discord in my opinion. I would ONLY be okay with this feature being added if me turning it off means it doesn't tell people if I've read/seen their message.
    EDIT: I would like to clarify that I only talk to friends and family on Discord, so while I can see how it would be useful for people who are more social and especially people who run events and groups, the little people like me should be able to continue using Discord without the pressure.

  • Ethan Murdoc

    I think we collectively should learn how to take an L and respect other people's privacy.

    Put this in if the majority wants, but allow people to opt out, or to select who do they want to allow to see the 'seen' notification.

  • watappo

    This feature must needed not only DM but also other chats, with opt-out system of this feature!!

  • tyrantofthefirmament

    I personally don't like read receipts because I often have time to read my messages but not to respond right away, sometimes for hours. I have had unfortunate experiences with people seeing that I had read their messages on Facebook messenger and then sending me ??? and :( and otherwise pestering me and making me feel bad until I could respond. By then I really didn't feel like answering anymore. One of my friends got so mad one time (because she assumed I was ignoring her) that she left the group chat and vague posted about me. I had simply fallen asleep after coming home from a very hard day at work, but I had made the mistake of looking at my messages before exhaustion took me. I woke up to ridiculous drama and had to waste time and mental energy sorting it all out. Now I only check messenger on my laptop, which has a chrome extension to hide Facebook read receipts, since there is no way to turn them off from the app itself or the browser version.

    One of the things I like best about Discord is the freedom it offers users, so if read receipts are added, PLEASE include a way to turn them off!

    Apparently I'm in the minority, but being able to calmly read my messages and consider my responses is important to me, and I don't like knowing someone is now waiting around for me to get back to them. It kind of sucks the joy out of interacting online. The same goes for people reading my messages. I don't need to know when they've read them. They'll read them when they read them, and get back to me when they have time.

    I understand why some people like this feature, but there needs to be a way to turn it off if it's implemented. 

  • [1PA]Ami

    I run a guild in discord and having the ‘seen’ function would be really useful so that I can find out how many people have read my messages in a leadership chat. I understand the need for privacy and having the ability to turn it off is also important but it’s something that is also a very useful feature for streamlining communication between small groups.
    It doesn’t need to be like WhatsApp where it says who has read it but even just a general ‘seen by 5 users’ would be helpful.
    Another thing could be that it’s not available for direct messages if there’s a big privacy concern but just added to server chats with more than 4/5+ people in the chat (with possibly a top limit if server weight overloading is a concern).
    Following with the same idea of just in bigger server chats then it could be something that only admins or top moderators can see in the chats whereas general users can’t access it.
    The big selling point of discord is that it’s designed for groups/guilds/clans etc of gamers and organising them can be a pain. Anything that can help the admins/moderators organise and manage the server is a huge plus.

  • RandomGamer

    I think this would be totally helpful in DMs. Thanks for suggesting this idea.

  • Somber

    I would literally give an arm and a leg for this - I'm either ignored or they haven't responded and I really would like to know which. I wanna see this implemented! 

  • EmmaT

    Yes! From an admin perspective knowing if a member has read your DM would be so insanely useful! 


  • Emily
    If this were implemented, there would have to be a privacy option to turn it on or off.
  • Stephen
    I really don't like this. It could be an issue if you are trying to be discreet, and not let people know you are online. And I feel its an invasion of privacy overall, we don't need anyone who DMs us to have the ability to know that we saw what they sent.
  • AdamJackson

    This is why I don’t use other social medias, doesn’t matter if there’s an option to disable it, I just don’t feel that sense of safety because I already know that function is out there and could change anytime without me knowing (if I read past updates). Some people even ask you why you turned that option off. I don’t get the carefreeness when I talk to someone. But does making you know someone ignored you do anything? In most cases people just use it against you and start acting petty. Wouldn’t want to argue over a simple “seen”.

  • Fade

    That would be awesome 


  • Robin

    I think it should only be implemented in DM's and groups.

  • NylaPopTTV

    totally agree


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