Clicking links in bot embeds should open in client



  • SoreGums

    this would be very helpful.

    like we have a star bot that posts messages into a #starboard channel once it gets 2 star reactions.

    it would make a whole lot of sense if the link opened in the client instead of opening a webpage...

  • Killy

    Interesting. There is also discord protocol. If you replace "https" with "discord" - the resulting link should open in the client.

    But such links are not recognized as links, neither in embeds nor in the message content. They can't also be passed as the Url part of an embed.

    At the same time, "steam" protocol links are recognized by desktop client.



  • safal

    I have also faced the same problem But You can do it by using addField in embed like this

    const exampleEmbed = new Discord.RichEmbed().addField("Any Message", "[message](")

  • Jaighalor

    I'm writing a bot that moves pinned messages to another channel. Annoyingly the hyperlink to the original post opens in browser because of this. Really does make sense to open these links in the Discord application.


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