Permission to block users from mentioning a certain user.



  • Azrael

    If you already have blocked a user, any pings you might get from them will not notify you.

  • GrimBirb

    In a server, you won't block everyone.

  • TheNSAagent

    Suggested thread title edit: Remove user's permission to @ mention anyone

    There are some people who abuse the @ mention to not ping roles or the dreaded @everyone, but specific users. The "Allow role to use @everyone" toggle is already there for users who abuse @everyone and "Allow users to @ mention this role" toggle exists, but what about "Allow user to @ mention other users" or "Block all @ mentions from this user" as a server setting.

    Specifically blocking a person exists, yes, but what if you need to block someone from @mentioning other users needlessly, but still want them to talk.

  • Sangoku

    But this is a must. Someone fix it now please.


  • ScarfieWondz

    This is of vital importance to me and many others.

    Anyone with a sizable community unfortunately needs to stay on do not disturb mode to stay sane.


    But this presents us with a HUGE and terrible problem - we can't get notified when we are ACTUALLY needed. Users have no respect for owners of communities and will ping without hesitation with the most ridiculous of reasons, expecting an immediate answer.(And 9 times out of 10, a staff member would have been able to solve it quickly rather than me getting pinged for it)

    I rely on that little red icon to know when I'm needed for something actually important

    It makes it impossible to have a level of staff being able to reach me easier, as well as irl friends. Which is really difficult for me as a game dev. The only solution at the moment, is to have a separate account where staff can reach me. Which is a really poor solution.


    It's not just me, just ask any youtuber, game dev, etc. They all have to stay in a perpetual state of do not disturb, and are unable to rely on pings for emergencies.

  • DroolingRainbow

    Yes, although, the staff can handle most of the situations, in situations where the owners need to respond immediately, the staff can just Directly Message the owner or the higher-ups, from there to the owner himself.

    There are always solutions for emergencies.
    Most of them are taken care by the Community Manager, and the High Ranks. If it ever gets to any higher situation, the owner can respond by the HR's attention.

  • gutzanimation

    hey i need help to report a person who broke discord rules like broke them i can give u the name and the numbers to them

  • JustDewIt ⚡

    Is there no update to this???

    I have already blocked a BOT specifically, who spams the server I'm in, and the bot @everyone's ANY time the server owners subscribed list on YouTube uploads a movie. But I can't turn off @everyone on that channel because the owner himself posts important announcements there.

    Although the BOT has been BLOCKED, they still ping @everyone and notifies me.

  • chrislenga


    Simply disable the @everyone flag so that nobody but like you or ownership/staff can @everyone @here and so on. 

    About this original idea, it would be drastically helpful especially for those of us that run discards in the thousands and tens of thousands. 

  • JustDewIt ⚡


    I would, but I cannot interfere with the server owners bot privileges. I would like to block the bot from mentioning me under @everyone/@here. I would like to mitigate a notification from the bot, even when it is blocked. And I don't wish to block @mentions on the server or channel the bot is in as I need the information on those channels and the server in its entirety. The owner is adament about leaving the "spam" bot for their personal updates

  • 5easalt

    This would be extremely useful for larger communities that for example a well known youtuber is a part of. Basically every big server i'm on has a rule to "not ping this youtuber" or "don't ping the owner". Adding an option to pick roles that can or can't ping a specific user would be a really nice feature for this.

  • MoonyFN

    Really would help A LOT. Some stupid kids in a small discord server keep ghost pinging me and there's no way to stop it. Really hope Discord would roll out a new update soon addressing this issue.

  • ANT

    So I was testing with dyno and if you just use there actual user id you can do what you need to do. If you have questions message me on discord ANT#7494

  • acnelli

    ANT So, with the dyno bot I'm able to stop a specific user to ping others? Because that would be perfect...

  • ANT

    yeah with there user id like were you would put the role just put there id

  • acnelli

    @ANT care to share a Screenshot? Can I do this in autorols? I didn't find anything fitting going through the moderation options :(

    But in general, the possibility above to just disable specific users from mentioning others would be immensely useful.

  • ANT
    It doesn't disable just deletes. what I highlighted is the user id just add it to the banned words section

  • Nineteendo

    I found the first fix today:
    This blocks the message from being send all together.
    Unfortunately, if you want to allow other to mention, you need to give them a role and add it to the exempt roles.

  • wanka

    Going off what nineteendo said, you can completely block mentions using the automod built in as seen in the video by using this format in custom banned words "<@{user id of person who doesn't want to be pinged}>, obviously then you can make it so certain roles can still ping, and admin roles can still ping anyway.

  • Nineteendo

    That's not what I'm doing here: I'm limiting the number of mentions to zero. Not sure if you can use a word.


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