Discord Accessibility for blind users




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    Hey all, thanks so much for the feedback! 

    If you would like to discuss your feedback with our Accessibility team directly, please fill out this form: 

  • kit

    i really hope they get on with this soon, and i hope your post gets more upvotes. app developers in general don't seem to put any thought into how things work with screen readers, and it sucks.

  • Cankut_dgrl

    They really need some help about this, if they contact with blind developers out there, accessibility issues will be solved in short time.

  • Sophia | AmpUpRadio

    I have a friend who is blind and is unable to use Discord because of it's inaccessibility.  Please make Discord accessible so my blind friend could join our conversations!

  • Behemoth

    The only reason my community still uses IRC is because we have a few blind users who wouldn't be able to navigate the interface. We would switch in a heartbeat should this situation change. Definitely an upvote from me as someone who works as a developer for accessible web technologies.

  • Tarrentarrenvane

    I am hopeful that accessibility can be addressed as well, since it seems a lot of the D&D community seems to be moving there lately. I'd be interested to know how those who have managed to use the app on the computer have managed to get through the captchas. I tried to get an audio captcha, but it kept telling me my computer or network seemed to be sending automated requests.

  • blindscambaiter

    I'm guessing the screenreading companies will  need to reach  out to discord and work with them.


  • Vicky

    "I'm guessing the screenreading companies will  need to reach  out to discord and work with them." 

    There is absolutely no need for this, Discord developers should have by now every bit of knowledge how to do it. Labeling buttons isnt that hard.

  • Cankut_dgrl

    I think the app took some updates but they didn't do anything for accessibility since last summer. Some new buttons have been put but they are not labeled, I learn what they are asking a friend.

  • Paul

    How do I make these changes happen. I too have a blind friend who would like to benefit from Discord. How can I push the developers to make this app blind friendly?

  • Elizabeth

    My husband is blind, and he is not able to effectively use Discord either. I've been extremely disappointed in their lack of service regarding this over the years, and rarely use it because of that. Quite frankly, I only signed on today so that I could upvote this post and show my support.


    Привет! Discord для компьютера не работает с Экранным Диктором.

  • marcozehe

    Still no luck. The web interface is horrible, the Android app is _marginally_ better, but still a real pain to use. Definitely an upvote from me, and it appears I was no. 100. ;)

  • yatil

    Let’s do this!!

  • GVH

    Discord just released an update making it even worse, it's now really fiddly to travel between a server/channel and the home screen.

  • Ally

    I'm using discord for mac and they've made a few small improvements. For example, when you go to a server channel, the buttons to add emojis and upload files now have labels. There's also two buttons that say send a gift. One of them lets you search for gifs, while the other lets you pay for a friend to have nitro. Unfortunately I still haven't figured out how to get to the reactions.


    Another thing I noticed is that when there are new mentions in a channel, voiceover reads the number of messages. One of the servers I'm in has a lot of different channels, so it's nice to be able to know which ones I need to check.


    That being said, with the latest update I'm unable to switch from the server I'm currently in back to my contacts without having to close the app. The button I use to press to get back to my contacts isn't working.


    Speaking of contacts, the buttons to call, add to dms, etc etc are still not labeled. I would really appreciate it if the devs could look into these issues and fix them.

  • Cankut_dgrl

    Yes, now most buttons are clearly labeled, at least on Mac version. I hope the sliders and unlabeled buttons will be fixed in short time. And mobile version is not usable, I don't know about Android version but İOS version is not compatible with voiceover.

  • Katty

    discord on PC does not work well!


  • Kya

    This is super important! It's shameful that Discord has been out for so long and hasn't made their platform compatible with voiceover and screenreaders.

  • Cardmaster12

    still wish something would be done, ugh

  • GVH

    Personally, I now find the desktop app completely accessible, save for admin tools which really need improving.

  • Luke-Bilston-(SleekZ)

    I made a post not long ago that got taken down because somehow a fix for the stuff asked for here, that had been mostly applied, was copying this post...
    I didn't even get a notification about it, and i am overall disappointed in the lack of care that goes into the support section moderation.

    regardless of that the fix i asked for was to make the user context menu in a voicechat have its slider fixed, and to make it so the value that the sliders change by is able to be changed in the settings.

    Hopefully someone sees / cares about it here so it'll be fixed.

  • Cankut_dgrl

    I think desktop accessibility is almost done, but there are some issues about admin section. There are some unlabeled buttons on the users panel.

    However, İphone app is not accessible. I can not press a button, enter a server or do nothing. Voiceover detects nothing. I hope it will be also accessible soon.

  • sevapopov

    Hello! I really want to try out the discord service I know it's more popular than teamtalk among sited people and i really would like iPhone app to become more accessible

  • GVH

    Discord for desktop have just done something bad, it seems. I think a recent update came in, which seems to have changed the channel links into numbered buttons. This makes things far, far less accessible. Could this be reversed please

  • Cankut_dgrl


    I think the issue about the servers was fixed today.

    But there is a problem about something different I would like to tell.

    I can't copy messages with cmd+C. This is the shortcut to copy on mac, but it's not working on Discord messages, at least for me.

  • sevapopov

    Hello! That's great that accessibility is improving. But can someone make a tutorial on how to use discord with voiceover on mac please? I have these questions: 1. How can I find voice chats? Each and every time when I press on a channel I find a text channel. 2. How can I disconnect from the server? Thank you!!!

  • Ally

    1. Most servers that have voice channels are usually labeled as such. if you can't find the channel, it might be that the admin hasn't created a voice channel yet.


    2. Go to the name of the server you want to leave, hold down vo+shift+m, then vo all the way to the right. At the very end, you'll see an option that says leave server.


    Hope this helps.

  • sevapopov

    Hello! Thank you for your answers! Now i have another set of questions. As far as I understand each time when i want to use discord with nvda on windows i have to press a button that nvda reads as dialogue. Is it possible to prevent pressing this button? Because i notice that the focus often jumps out of this window and I have to press this button again. The second question is, how can i find mute/dev buttons on discord for mac? Thank you!

  • Cankut_dgrl

    I think there is a problem between Discord and NVDA. My friend is trying to use a voice slider, but when he press down arrow to volume down, the cursor lands on the edit box. He has to press the wright click to reach the slider constantly.


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