Discord Accessibility for blind users




  • Peach Time

    Please do keep accessibility ever in mind as an evolving aspect of the program, developers. It is unfortunate that even one person must fall by the wayside in online communication due to lack of consideration.

  • funny4578

    We should could use accessible apps for blind gamers to chat with their friends

  • nebs

    make discord more accessible!

  • bacchante

    there is no reason this should've been put off for so long.

  • crap a dime

    accessibility should be one of the first things on every app devs mind

  • PrinceKraehe

    I'm glad some small improvements have been made but considering the sheer size of Discord the fact its not fully accessible right now already is. really bad

  • Tal Vashoth

    Never understood devs who ignore issues like that. Accessibility means more users, which in turn means more profit, so you'd think they would be more interested in investing in accessibility features??

  • tadpole

    Discord is so commonly used now it needs to be accessible

  • 🌶 сһіᛁᛁі · сһееѕе

    Accessibility isn't always taught in either web development or design. The latter is highly based on visuals rather than semantics, and although we as designers are taught to do extensive research on the user base and always consider our users and their needs, visual impairments generally aren't taken into account unless the website or app being designed is specifically meant for visually impaired users. 

    Personally, I use the w3 validator to check for correct html hierarchy and errors in the markup (it will also remind me to add alt tags or fig captions for all images used) for basic accessibility and error-free document render. If accessibility is very important or if I just have extra time to do an extensive check, I take the time to use the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool.

    Sighted users supporting accessibility like this can check out how this very page we're on looks like with WAVE

  • HomoPhobos

    if accessibility isn't always taught in web dev or design, it should be. that's sorely disappointing.

    I agree with the earlier sentiments that Discord should implement accessibility features for blind users. the more that can use this platform, the merrier.

  • nikipaprika

    also adding on with my support of this. accessibility is very important, and i really hope the discord team will take this seriously into consideration!

  • Whaell

    Accessibility features are sorely missing from Discord and I wholeheartedly agree with and fully support this post.

  • BadBitchSupreme

    Staff this is an extremely important issue you should not only be paying attention to, but also be implementing.

  • the dread biter

    It's past time to do something about this. Blind and low vision people have already worked to set guidelines for designers, developers, and streamers and Discord is choosing to ignore that information. Your current and future userbase cares about this, Discord. Fix it.

  • slauthor

    thanks for bringing attention to this. i hope they fix it

  • Satan

    I may not be blind, but the text to speech option isn't very good! I've used it while cleaning my room and talking to my friend who couldn't use their mic because I couldn't see my screen, and half of the messages they sent weren't even read to me! And even a message with like. A paragraph of stuff that I had to stop everything and read, because for some reason if there are multiple passages in one message it will only read up to a certain point? Which is no fun when helping someone study while cleaning your room!

    Also it'd be cool if I could activate Text To Speech on specific messages, cause sometimes reading is a challenge (ADHD/Autism) so for big paragraph text it'd be cool to have it read to me so I don't have to give myself a literal headache to understand something. Just cause can write a paragraph doesn't mean I can actually read it, so when sharing something in a writing chat it's hard to catch typos without hearing it, I know that for school. But since it's hard to actually have it read it to you like that, it can be hard to ensure that your messages actually make sense grammatically, you know?

    I'd like to be able to have long strings of messages be read to me as well, not just big messages that have already been sent. There should be some kind of accessibility more than just "oh lets read the newest message!" Sometimes I want to be read 200+ messages in a row because I can't gosh dang read it myself! Also as someone who draws a lot, it's frustrating to have to read missed messages myself when I get up to take a break or something, cause I can't hear it for a while, so I have to take an extra 10 minutes to read it myself instead of going back to focusing on the drawing, which is probably a me specific thing but it'd be nice to have a button or key combo that is just "reread recent messages" and options for changing how long ago you want it to start.

    It's not just blind people who would like these features improved! They have been minimal from the start and need an overhaul! Hopefully this can get more upvotes, as it's something I think would help a lot of people, even if I might not use it all that much myself!


  • euphorbia

    It's encouraging to hear that there have been improvements in labelling buttons etc, but the job is clearly not done. Accessability for screen readers needs to be FULLY implemented, please. Many people in comments mentioning people who would like to use discord but can't; you're really shooting yourself in the foot by ignoring this and shutting out potential customers. Plus its just, yanno, something y'all should be doing to be decent people, c'mon. Full implementation of accessible features would be fantastic so please take action Discord.

  • EliotWL

    It is 2019.  Any website/app/product that isn't created with accessibility at it's core, is a worthless product and should be boycotted.  Fix your dang website/apps

  • lilybees

    there's no excuse for this to be ignored for so long.


    Yo discord support people why are you not in this thread communicating with us about your action plan to implement full accessibility features? Making your app fully accessible should be a primary goal, not an optional afterthought. Do better please.

  • Brynncognito

    Do better, discord.

  • la bruja ✨

    Discord needs to improve on accessibility. Make these changes.

  • canisbeta

    please work on improving screen reader compatibility! 

  • guardiansystem


  • persoda

    Î am a french blind user .
    I want to know why your app is not compatible whith voice over . And do you think make better for the futur .

  • Voyage

    We're having a similar issue. One of my kids is blind and wants to use discord but its super difficult for them.

  • Gayyyyyyybriel ✨

    It's been a year since this thread started and several updates have come out since then. Even if you all don't push out a fix immediately, it would be nice to know that you're all at least working on it.

  • Lanie Molinar

    A couple days ago when I opened the Discord app for Windows on my laptop,, a message popped up saying that it noticed I was using a screen reader and asking if I would be okay with Discord using that information to make it better for screen reader users, so even though we haven't heard from anyone, it sounds like they're doing something.


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