Samsung DeX Support?



  • Donut

    Hey man I second this, DeX is really amazing and i'd love to see it working within DeX with things like external mic support


  • paddle

    I agree desktop mode is much underestimated.

    Please add support for desktop mode in the app (with android 10 they should have implemented a framework?).

    On my side I'm using Huawei EMUI but it's very similar as Dex station.

    By the way do you know Keydock by It's a docking station for docking smartphones.

  • EUSA.


    I share your opinion.

    I tested it yesterday (Nov 2020) and it was working in general, but it would be nice, if it is fully supported.

    Entering some voice channels and pressing the mute / unmute button isn't implemented in the best way.

    Maybe they have to r3eplace the popups appearing by a fix area on the larger screen then on mobile.

  • Wolfpire ∶ IPaw

    Started using DeX instead of PC and it would be really nice having the desktop experience with discord on dex as well.
    Also please add support from screen share when using dex. It still only captures screen of the phone.
    (Sent from DeX)


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