turn off friend requests for specific mutual servers



  • 'Abdurraḥmān

    Discord PLEASE allow option to disable friend requests from specific server. So in privacy setting in any server the only option you have is to "allow direct messages from server members". I hope discord can add an option like "allow friend requests from server members"

  • chfoo

    Turning off friend requests per server just like the DM privacy setting would be appreciated. For really large servers, it attracts spammers so I turn off DMs from those servers, but it becomes pointless because they bother me with a friend request instead. With Discord growing in popularity over the years, having more spam controls is really needed.

    Right now, I can turn off friend requests for all servers, but I prefer not doing that. If someone from a server I trust wants to send a friend request to me, they will have to ask me and then I would have temporarily enable all friend requests. It's a slight inconvenience but it's still a inconvenience.

  • Célistine || TheRealProcyon 💖

    SuperSajuuk, that's not what I meant. I meant that the perms won't override if the user shares multiple servers; if you want that, just like DMs, you have to turn FRs off in all the servers you share with them.

  • MetalChain

    I'd be all for this, it would be nice to have it so that if their only mutual servers were servers that had friend requests disabled, they wouldn't be able to send a friend request, kinda like the ability to DM someone in a server's privacy settings. Too many friend requests that only happen from being hoisted high in big servers.

  • ShrekPoops

    If you want to turn off friend requests, go to user settings, then privacy to safety, scroll down till you reach "Who can add you as a friend", then turn off everyone and server members. Hope this helps. And your welcome.


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