Dark Themed Emoji Picker




  • AlsoJames

  • Problem solved in android alpha 8.5.0. You can also add emoji on mobile using discord app on firefox/google chrome.
  • Killy

    I doubt VLADY understand the issue.

    Discord uses it's own emoji images across all platforms. I'm not talking about unicode emojis.

    I know I can add custom emojis to my server. But I have better use for that.

    I want to be able to use already available generic emojis when I need them, on any platform. Android alone is not enough. I want to be sure everyone can read them easily.

  • Killy

    Can you see the :on: emoji on the image above?

    I think they also need to solve that issue.


    Currently, you can see dark emojis on the light picker, but then they are lost on a dark background when posted. This need to be addressed.

  • nathanrsxtn

    White emojis are also invisible in the light picker (maybe adding a shadow might fix this):

  • TBlazeWarriorT

    This is how it looks like if they just change the css style in the CTRL+Shift+I Menu. Only took me 2 mins to make and already looks WAAAAAAAAY better.

    Please Discord, fix it faster, it makes no sense to keep it white and this was suggested 7 months ago.


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