More slowmode flexibility



  • Starfield_9
    The API (aka discord bots) can currently set slowmode to any integer between (and including) 0 and 120 seconds. I don't see any good reason to use more than two minutes since that is a long time in itself.
  • Geebus

    You should be able to set it to whatever interval you want imo, there is no reason to have predetermined values only.

  • D0cR3d

    @starfield_9 - There may not be many situations where having longer than 2  minute slowmode would be useful, there are a couple scenarios. While I'd image most channels focus on the more live aspect of a flowing conversation, some servers may  setup a channel specific for promotion and may want to limit it to once a day or once a week. For instance my server has a channel to allow people to advertise their clan. We only allow one post every 7 days and ended up using a bot that posts for them using a website we built, however others may not have that knowledge and may use a bot to try and manage that by deleting messages. That still requires a fairly high skill level and frustration on the user end to post only to find it deleted due to lack of education. If a slowmode was built in for that long they would have a system managed timer and easier for servers to setup.

    I can only image a few reasons why discord doesn't allow slowmode to last longer than 2 minutes, and that's either system limitations (performance issues keeping track of that for that long), or just not realizing other use-cases.

  • Kalegger

    Maybe 2.7 seconds ?

  • Buer

    Honestly should be 1-120. what is the point in even typing more than 1 message in 1 second.








  • Purpzie

    Definitely support this. Not everyone uses bots or even knows how to invite one to their server, they shouldn't be the relied-upon solution here.

  • Stephen
    Why not just add the ability to use a integer, so we can type what we want
  • Visual
    The limitation of predefined time doesn't make sense, this suggestion is what Discord should've done in the first place!
  • Burkino

    slowmode per role, sure, this would be nice
    and you can already set a custom time for slowmode (up to 6 hours) by messing with the api a bit. so like i just randomly set it to this for an example

  • Timemaster111
    I think a greater variety of limits and a “only once” would be a really good addition to slow mode
  • Helper Pupper

    I highly want this. I'd simply like the ability to set cooldown in specific seconds, NOT just intervals of 5 or whatever. 

  • Saeris

    This would be an immense help.

  • YuraConst

    A different kind of slowmode is needed - PTM (Pass the Mic) - after a user has sent their message, everyone is muted for a minute then another user is picked to be "passed the mic". The user also has two minutes to send their message in text rooms. In voice rooms, it's plain 1min timer to speak.

  • Phorx

    My server has a use case for limiting posts to 1 per 24hours in a buy/sell channel. Would be great to let slow mode police this for us

  • Suspense
    nice idea
  • Catt0s

    I think that it might be better to do custom times so we don't need to keep asking.

  • GameFreakBaree

    Yes, i would love to see this feature in discord. I want 24h slowmode.

  • kartonbaba

    we have an advertisements channel and we can only limit people to 6h. this feature would allow us to do 24h slowmode which would be very neat 

  • Xerxesz

    Absolutely supporting this idea. We have a channel what is meant to be for in game trades, and reposting the same advertisiements makes it messy not considering, that they are revelant. Seeing the same posts is really unnecessary. 

  • Milan Terpstra

    Would be super helpful for market channels to avoid reposting, definitely a nice thing!

  • jeniouis

    Upping it to 24 hours would be great, but letting it be custom would be even better!

  • 0bscureMystery

    This has to be implemented especially when it comes to bot commands. Sometimes I see people get muted for “spamming” in a bot commands channel, so the admins add a slowmode of 5 seconds to the channel but then that feels too long for the channel. I feel that if there was a 2 second slowmode, that would be incredibly useful for a bot commands channel


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