@everyone role color



  • Permanently deleted user
    Eh, doesn't it make more sense to have the @everyone role as colourless? It's not exactly a proper role as you can't assign it to people
  • DowDaw
    I know that. The whole point of my suggestion is to have an ability to change @everyone color, so which may makes more easier for the most servers instead of having a main role just for color, you can change everyone role color instead of creating a new role.
  • yoshi32
    the @everyone you mean is not a role that's why it should not be handled as one
  • John.

    Extending yoshi32's comment, there are plenty of bots out there that can help you achieve what you want, one I highly recommend is Dyno, https://dyno.gg Dyno can auto role members in your server as well as add all members currently in the server to the role you want with ?rolein humans <this role>

  • DragonRaider8212

    Yeah, that was a mistype, I know it's not a role. I'll check out Dyno, but our server isn't a fan of bots, we have Jukebot and that's it. I'm still campaigning for this feature, anyway.

  • chloroform chloe

    Nearly every guild that needs this feature uses a bot for it, I don't see a huge reason why you can't either.

  • Zacatero
    I love this idea. Everyone technically is a role so why not color it!
  • Sputnix

    I totally agree, because I like my servers to look visually appealing and the default grey color is very bland! This would be a great alternative to bots. Also people saying that @everyone isn't a role, yes I know but i still want to change it for everyone.

  • Brightness
    Isn't there already a differentiation in the way that atEveryone says atEveryone and regular mentions of users display atUsername?
  • SkyLight Gaming

    Basic idea

    But i like it.

  • Duth Olec

    Allow me to add to this by saying that any notification from a role as opposed to one directly to you should be a different color. Then if you see a big notification in another channel, instead of wondering if it might be directly to you and important you can know at a glance it's just a wider one and may not pertain directly to you. Whenever I get a big notification that someone mentioned me I get a jolt but usually that's a useless jolt because it's actually mentioning a role and half the time it doesn't pertain to me.

    In fact, maybe a rainbow of notification colors could be added. Everyone and Here could have one color that can't be changed (blue?), as does notifications directly to a person (default red), but the colors for specific roles can be changed, so if there a server has an Admin role that can still be red so admins know it's important, while if it has a role just for "who wants to play games!!" it can be made green or purple or something so when you see it you can immediately know "oh that's for a games role" and either check it or ignore it depending on how you feel.

    And then presumably if there's more than one type of notification in a specific channel it'll just show the default red, or maybe slices of each color that applies but it might be too small for that to be effective.

    Anyway, thanks Discord.

  • FallenCaryatid {PinkCat}

    Yes, I'm aware that @everyone is not a role, per se, but members like to have at least a basic color other than the white/black.

    And yes, also aware that bots like Dyno can add an auto-role to members---most servers seem to do so...

    But auto-roles prevent member purges AND render the moderation settings on the server meaningless, from low all the way up through double-table-flip level for verification settings (and the explicit content filter on maximum is too sensitive and inaccurate).
    This results in serious security issues, such as server raids, ban evasion, DM harassment, and porn spam. 

  • 💀EØZ💀

    i think also this  would be a good idea,, i  think it be good you could change the  color of everyone,, and  name ,,, too maybe can copy and paste,,, different  lettering and  styles too,,, 

  • Angsthase

    I agree that this should be a feature for almost the opposite reason from the majority:

    I like the "very bland" grey shade; I find it inoffensive and unobtrusive to have most people listed in that colour.

    I belong to servers that use a bot to assign roles to people who have accepted the server rules.  Most channels are not visible until one is assigned the "member" role by marking one's X at the bottom of the rules post.  This system works reasonably well, except sometimes bots break.

    It would be helpful, in this context, to be able to set the no-other-roles role to an obnoxious colour (bright yellow, for example) so that one can easily see at a glance which server members have not successfully navigated the "react with ✅ to agree" step.  This could be useful when scanning the welcome lobby where people joining the server are dropped as well as to easily identify if the gate is broken and new users are posting in main without even pretending to have read the rules.

    (Yes, changing the colour of those with the "member" role is an option, and probably what will be done, but it's unfortunate from this perspective that the least obnoxious colour is already reserved for a role that indicates a problem of some sort with the onboarding process.)


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