Ability to send a message to multiple users



  • jet

    I can sorta see why it might be useful for people with admin+ perms on a Discord server, but this is why @ everyone is a thing.

    Giving people this sort of power is just asking for some DM spamming, or abuse by owners with large servers who just want to advertise.

  • Alpha
    Isn't the whole point of `@everyone` notifying the whole discord server? Also I could easily see this getting abused by people who advertise their servers via DM's.
  • Farkas
    why not use a bot for this, and you'd get a lotta more dm ads if this was introduced
  • Stuttero

    Hey! You could just use a bot to do this. Alternatively, you could create a group DM with them or a server and invite them. 

    I can see how this could quickly become an easy method of mass DM spamming.

  • stevie

    hey I am new, can someone explain where I can find a bot to do this



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