Non-vegan status info



  • Vigattis

    To the downvoters:
    There is no necessity to use sentences that mention abuse to any species. If you don’t think so, I’ll gladly prove you otherwise if you add me on Discord.

  • ks
    why should everyone else be at lost just for few people? sorry but just get over it. it's just loading line that's for few seconds on screen.
  • gingerbeardman

    If it's "just" a loading line then I vote for an option to remove them. I find them distasteful.

  • Jocii

    Top 10 underrated threads

  • gingerbeardman

    There were so many puerile and offensive lines in the loading lines. I'm happy to see they no longer exist on the mobile app and that they've been replaced on desktop with useful "did you know" hints. Thanks Discord for being inclusive rather than exclusive!


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