Can you add a Hide Messages Option's. For example - Specific Messages sent by a user.



  • SilveryHobgoblin

    I agree this would be very useful. You don't want to have to block someone because they posted one message you don't want to see; a "Hide message" function, as appears on Facebook, would solve this issue.

  • aaron

    Exactly, it would help us a lot. We don't want to block a person just for sending one message.

  • Noah
    This could come in very handy, as blocking people can lead to a lot of trouble.
  • A-Ron

    Agreed. Slack has had this functionality for a while. Something like a disclosure triangle and/or the /collapse command

  • flowtias

    I need this so much. Sometimes it's for no reason other than "I've read this message/seen this image, I don't like it/find it disturbing, but I don't want to disrupt or raise concern because it can be solved by just hiding the message."

  • SwissCheese

    Agreed. Pictures, especially animated gifs can be very distracting for some people.  Being able to collapse them would be wonderful.

  • LazloeLonghair

    While this is true, I would still like to be able to hide messages for other reasons, such as server rules violations that do not break Discord rules. The moderators and admins should be able to hide messages and discuss actions against the account privately.

  • Drakah

    I request this too... there was some posts/images I rather not leave on the screen and really would rather have the option to hide certain messages from my view.

  • nddragoon

    it should probably work like NSFW posts on Reddit. The poster can choose to hide it and an admin can also choose to tag it as NSFW, and then users can choose to see it or not

  • Spud
    This would also be useful for reporting stuff, as it won't be deleted and you can still report it.
  • tC_Kai

    This. Tenfold. I'd love to have a way to hide certain messages/images/embeds and the likes without blocking someone entirely.

  • Sack2011

    Really would appreciate something like this.

  • jellymushqoom

    EXTREMELY APPRECIATED if Discord could add this function.

  • Azura Nightingale (Alpha)

    I want this so badly!!! I am in a server right now where one person posts the most disgusting pictures and gifs. I have to practically mute and avoid the entire server until it’s gotten enough activity to send the offending pic/gif up and out of sight. 

    Part of the problem is this stuff or most of it isn’t against discord rules and the server has no rules so there’s nothing I can really do. I can’t report it. It’s just stuff I don’t want to see. About the only thing I could since I don’t want to block the person doing it, is to leave the server. I don’t want to do that either. 

    Please give us an option to hide or blur out posts we don’t want to see. 

    Edit: This would be especially useful in servers where the one posting the offending content can’t delete it either due to not having that permission. 

  • BenJaded

    would love this to be a thing, for example when a friend sends a gif that I'm not comfortable with, but they won't delete

  • LazyLucy

    i would love this feature. i don't want to block people because i don't want to offend them.

  • Xy Cijll

    This should definitely be a thing. I'm kind of surprised that it is not.

  • Nulgar

    So very much this. Sometimes someone posts something you just don't like (cough YT video with "streamer reacting face" thumbnail) but you don't really want to block them to hide this message so you can still look at the channel.

  • 🕱MamieNova

    I was just looking for such an option too.

    Something like toggling visible-or-not for the image/video's "preview" with visible set as default.

    And since your SQL DBs probably need to be filled up some more, it would be great if we could, on a per-user basis, check/uncheck a flag meaning :

    "I don't want your images to be shown UNLESS I actively click on `show this image` because frankly, I don't care about dancing penises and that's half of what you post..."

    Bonus points if we actually could give a custom reason and they could see it XD

  • Fogsight

    This could be a very important feature to report people posting extremely offensive images etc.
    With an option to prohibit deletion by the user as well.
    Because, as I understand it, deleted messages can be reported right now.

  • aaron

    Its been a year since I requested it and nothing has happened :/ I hope they do take this on board. I get sent some weird stuff in group chat and when I open the chat it's usually something I do not want to view. Once my parents were behind me and that has happened which is quite frustrating.

  • lividhen

    this would be great!

  • .HaiiroMin47

    also similar:

    Still no update on both.

  • 💀☠

    How/why is this not a thing yet? Debating on going to another platform over this. It's a pretty simple feature present in nearly all messaging programs.

  • HeroGamers
    In servers with a member count over a certain amount, when you delete a message there is a "Report to Discord T&S team", which will delete the message, and report it at the same time, which is the preferred way of reporting something that should be deleted from the chat.
  • eedev

    Please add this feature.

  • digitaldraco

    Bumping this because they've added dozens of features but it's been 3 years and still nothing on this.

  • Wordsmythologic


    Please add this.

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    for... what reason??? lmfao


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