Предустановка региона для персональных аудио- и видеовызовов.


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  • Starfield_9
    Translation: I repeatedly had a problem when when calling someone I chose the region of the Russia server and there were problems with the connection (for example, the endless "Waiting for server response"), the problem was treated by reconnecting to the same server or to another region. Reinstalling the program and cleaning the PC does not help. The suggestion is to embed a setting item in the application, like an item in the server settings, for pre-setting the server to connect to during a conversation. Ie, for example, if I automatically (probably, on the basis of ping) select the Russia server, then I would be able to install a default server, for example, Central Europe or other servers. It is also possible to simply implement an automatic reconnect to the server if such an error occurs during connection. In the technical support service they said that you need to contact here with such an offer because no such function. I hope for feedback and the quickest addition of this feature. @ not a bug, but a feature;) Sincerely yours, fan and treasurer of Discord
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