More payment methods for Nitro



  • hqlo

    I know this posts over 2 years old but what about a discord wallet where the cash could be stored in for nitro? i think then you could add prepaid payment methods aswell. (Skin2Pay, Crypto Currencies, Paysafecard etc.)

  • Scarzz

    Hi, you have to download discord on your phone, from there you can buy NITRO with IDEAL, so don't do it on pc

  • Chensich

    as many methods as steam?

  • BucketPls

    Oh please, Discord, add more payment methods. Even just a gift card or anything pre-paid would work just fine!
    Right now I am literally paying my friend through PayPal for them to get me Nitro and it is a pain in the butt.

    Just in case people don't understand why I need to do it that way: Discord does NOT allow PayPal wallet and some of us are not able or willingly to connect a bank/credit card to PayPal for safety reasons.

  • Ferzous♪

    I live in the country that paypal irrelevant and also i dont have any credit cards and how i can subscribe for discord nitro ?

    well i can trying to ask someone to buy me discord nitro because the guy that i ask having credit cards or paypal but are they trusted or just want to scam me its kinda confusing right you really want to subcibe for discord nitro but you dont have too much option

    lets see what twitch can do with this problem they give so many option to pay for subscription
    they gonna ask what country you live right now

    Ok there is popular methods you can go with in indonesia.

    dont see anything you like there they give you other methods to pay

    Well this is really good example from twitch subscription
    i wanted this applied on discord maybe everyone wanted this methods applied 
    Lets see pros and cons about this


    1. The payment so much easier 
    2. discord user doesnt need to worry get scammed because they can pay by itself
    3. more people gonna subscribe for discord nitro because the payment its so much easier, more subscribtion more money to discord dev ;) 


    1. The price slightly higher than it should be 

    yeah i guess that's about it
    I really hoping so much this can be applied on discord 

  • Xtortion

    Bumping this for iDeal payment option and Paysafecard!

  • Quinttennn

    2 years later still no respons

  • Sylencer90©

    Still baffled that this hasn't been done for the past 2 years...

  • Hyperclaw79

    After latest RBI norms, in India, we can't use debit cards for recurring payments anymore. So, it's literally impossible to get Nitro now :/

  • hqlo

    I don't think discord is ever going to add new payment methods in the next time, this thread is over 3 years old...
    Anyways, I have found ways to still get Nitro when not having a credit card/paypal.
    All you need is an android phone (not sure about iOS, but you can also use an Android emulator with Play Store) and of course money.
    First of all, you need to get yourself a Google Play gift card, which is available in almost any country and shop.
    You then need to redeem it in the Google Play Store on your android phone or Android emulator.
    Download Discord on Google Play.
    Open Discord and go to your user settings, and go to the Subscription section.
    Once there, click on the subscription you want to subscribe to and choose your Google Play Balance as payment method.
    And there you have your Nitro.

    I know this isn't really that convenient and Discord should really add more payment methods, but still a way around this.
    Hope I could help, and please Discord add new payment methods, like giropay or something like that...

  • Denisok94

    QIWI Wallet  (developer)
    his, even, miHoYo is used =)

  • Butterfingers

                                     100% True (Add more payment methods)

  • Shentsev89

    так же столкнулся с проблемой оплаты.очень хочется делать оплату криптой.

  • hashirshabbir

    How can the inclusion of additional payment methods, such as PaySafe Card, Paypal Wallet, PayM, and Cryptocurrencies, enhance the accessibility and user experience for Nitro subscriptions?


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