Bot User Screenshare



  • jacksn

    that just seems to open a whole bunch of avenues for abuse, especially since there's no point given screensharing isn't allowed in servers yet and bots can just send videos. It's probably better to wait for screenshare to be supported first.

  • Joshie

    Video Streaming API for bots would be safe and enjoyable for all who use it.  

    At the moment, the wide majority of screenshares in most group events I've seen have simply been on outside services such as, so Discord as a whole is missing out on a variety of group gaming activities.  

    The whole purpose of bot streaming is to be able to stream things like YouTube videos synchronously so everyone can enjoy them together.  The wide majority of bots already stream YouTube audio, a feature enjoyed by many. 

    The nice thing about that in particular is that YouTube already has a safe content policy, so unless a bot developer explicitly tries to code support for other sites, all video content is "safe."  Furthermore, anyone using the streaming option is purposefully doing so, after authority has already chosen to add the bot to the server.  

    However, we do have to wait for screenshare to be fully implemented in all servers for this to worthwhile (It's currently only available in random servers). 

    Both this and screenshare have been features that many of us been looking forward to for quite a while, and I'm excited to see how this will develop.  

  • _creepersbane

    Technically, bots can send/receive video already, but doing so is against the ToS as it requires reverse-engineering the API.


    If screensharing is officially documented for bots (or I guess whenever screensharing is 100% pushed), there would need to be a way to mark voice/video channels as NSFW

  • zt

    I agree with what is said here

  • Caprisun

    is this possible now?

  • Sairam

    Not yet, lets wait for sometime.

  • Sezuapo

    I hope it will be implemented very quickly!


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