Chime or tone option when a new post is created in chat



  • Teirney

    I have never found discord a reliable program. No one seems to ever hear me and all I get are background noises. It's annoying.

  • GalaxyGamer

    Hey... i think someone has my account... my question is: how can i log out someone from my account?

  • [A-RK] Venum ❗

    Bonjour, petite suggestion pour discord

    Pour éviter les raids via seflbots faire en sorte que Discord fasse en sorte de bloquer la personne si elle fait trop de dc ...

    Ce serais bien aussi d'améliorer le système de sécurité de l'A2F car c'est vraiment bof

  • Heino

    Discord is good with communication

    How about an added voice massage? It may seems good right?

    People often refrain from having a long voice chat but how about Voice MASSAGE, other app use this feature and it's time saving and also quite good.

  • imharryagain

    Im only 10 and someone called MakethPanda told me to give me nitro. Could you give him a warning or something. Thank you very much

  • _ice

    hello , 
    Discord is really really good , but i think you guys can create badge for users to show how old their account is , there is a difference between 2015 user and 2019 user  , for example +5Year of Loyalty or ste ...   

  • warbear

    I downloaded your program...the fact that I could find my simple # number that corresponds with my username in the actual program to GIVE TO MY FRIENDS pisses me off.  I'm looking on websites how to figure it out only to LOGIN to the actual main website of Discord to find it.  That is such a joke.  Make it simple to find your name and number on the ACTUAL program.... 

  • Imaproshaman

    Have you tried looking on your settings page, or is this a troll?

  • warbear

    No, this isn't a troll comment.  I'm in the downloaded app for my desktop  for discord and nowhere does it show my # number that I can produce for my friends to add me.  I have to log in to the website to retrieve it, which defeats the purpose of even having the app.  If I can't simply add a friend within the first 5 seconds, I just won't use the app.  Or discord at all.  It should be super simple.  I shouldn't have to rift through websites, account settings, and all the other BS.

  • emomanchild

    but you can see your # if you go to the bottom left there is a gear icon if you click it it brings up a page of settings the first tab is my account and right there it lists your full username and number.

  • Cannabidijodramal 5000

    Please add an alternative ringtone if the user is in an active call. When in game it is a hassle to alt+tab and reject the call to be able to hear the game/call. The alternative ringtone should be noticable but not as loud/noisy as the current sound.

  • Jarmuż

    I have a sugestion to add something to show how long does a server exist (maybe even how long does a account exist) it would be pretty cool and stuff like aniversary events would be possible. Just a sugestion tho


  • JTXS

    Hey, I was wondering if you could add a feature to put server emojis in your name and when you change nicknames. Example: “JTXS:wumpus:”

  • LuKirck

    Hey la Team Discord, j'ai un problème avec mon serveur et j'aurai besoin d'explications. J'ai fais un serveur à thème World Of Warcraft et j'ai donc eu besoin de créer des rôles tels que @Nain, @Gnome ou encore @Mort-Vivant, et je ne peux ping aucun des trois, donc si quelqu'un peut m'ider ça serait cool merci.
    Hey, Discord Team, I got a problem with my server, and I think I need some help. I made a World of Warcraft server's theme and I create @Nain, @gnome and @Mort-vivant for that, but I can't ping them. So please if you can help me, it will be good.

  • KalooNie

    Heads up for anyone confused as to why there are people posting comments that has nothing to do with this topic... When you search for "Discord feedback" using Google you get this this post at the top of the list and it's titled "Feedback – Discord". Thus you've got ignorant people posting here without looking.

    As for you TJ (OP), there is already a notification sound for Discord so you'll need to be more specific if you want assistance.



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