Discord for Chromebooks



  • NathanTheAsian332

    I don't know why we're still talking about this. I'm currently seeing more improvements on the web client, including Custom Statuses (which was one of the big requests around here). They're also making the UI a lot more friendly for web client users, such as having an Edit button and such. 

    > Look, if you can't use the web version, linux app, or android app, just go to the chrome web store and install Discord for Chrome.

    They're all 3rd-party, and they simply open the web version on a dedicated window (which can already be done on a Chromebook without downloading the "app").

  • timchang98

    If you have crostini linux terminal, install the deb version to your chromebook. 

  • ninvm

    if your using cloud-ready download the Linux version and it will open with terminal


  • OrangeTurtle197

    if web doesn't work for you, you can turn on linux emulation and install the linux version

  • shock_troop

    I don't know why everyone says "Use linux version." I've actually used it, and the Linux version on Chromebook is garbage. Desktop notification is not working, so if someone say in server, you can't notice that.

  • Dave Playz

    Juniper Sylvain just re-upgrade to windows 10. It is free. You do need a product key but you used to have Windows so you shouldn't need one.

  • Gibbroater

    I am using Lenovo Chromebook Duet, which has an Arm-based processor, meaning it can't run the Linux app. :(. I would really love to see the Play Store app optimized for Chromebooks because I don't like running voice/video chats/calls in a web browser. I guess I have to put up with it now, but I would really love to see Chromebook optimization for the Play Store Discord!

  • EsvirAHHHH

    I'm typing this on a Chromebook (a pretty new one but it probably won't matter) and I'd definitely recommend the website! Since I don't own a PC and am not a fan of the mobile version, I use the website to do everything I do on Discord. :D

  • dirty freq

    I'm getting a java script error & can only use the website & not the app . WTH. Discord is the easiest way for me to contact my family. 

  • FuwwyScarfy!!

    Although, I have, never been part, of this situation before, nor, the comment section, the simple solution, is either, try, a new browser, and if that doesn't work, just use Linux / Windows 10. (Yeah, installing, Windows 10, is possible, and am not talking, about, installing, Linux completely, unless, that's your choice.) I don't know, why, this situation, is still, going on, and if none, of those, options, work, your basically, SOL, since, that would, probably, mean, that Discord Desktop / Discord for Chromebook, won't work.

  • Kman

    As far as I know there is no official discord for ChromeOs that I know of, but there is an unofficial one that works great. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/discord-desktop/keldmkejekdkhdafcidopcdjlpgecghm

  • jose the slump god

    Im probably too late for this but if you enable linux and download the linux version of discord on the download options you be able to use the discord client

  • Random X Shadowolf

    why do discord send a app out in the play store just for chromebooks /chrome os


  • JakeSpelar

    i agree with this, we need discord for chromebook as well


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