A Calendar system?



  • TrueDoom

    This man is the smartest of all humans, and has the best of all ideas.
    ^This is a fact.

  • BoNe1303

    Eine Kalender Funktion mit Errinnerungsmöglichkeiten (wakeUp) und so weiter, das wäre eine coole Erweiterung. Ich nutze Discord zur Allianz Koordinierung und da muss das timing oft genau sein. Zudem würde eine ToDo Liste, ein Abstimmungssystem auch interessante Möglichkeiten bieten. Cheers BoNe


  • Cecil

    I was gonna suggest this and it seems there is already a thread on it! A built in Calender tab would be great for my Free Company. We are using a external calendar at the moment and it's a bit of a pain to get everyone on it.

  • Lord_Lax

    I tried 2 Calendar Bots, but both have no idea how to display the events in discord. Both only give a link to google-Calendar.
    This feature, with tables or complete calendar-views should be on top of your tasks :)

  • Stigandr

    I integrated my channel with google calendar using a webhook.  Its a big pain in the butt and ultimately doesn't meet my requirements since I need other users on my channel to also be able to create events.  I got around this by creating a shared google calendar, but that still means I have to use 2-3 applications to do something that ideally I could do without ever leaving the Discord app.  Hope this feature is coming soon!

  • Lemage

    If this was added natively to discord, 4 of my servers would reconsider switching to Guilded.

  • Trinity

    I would really love to see an integrated events/calendar system in discord as it's a huge thing that guilds could use. A discord "clone" like Guilded does something similar, but their integration with discord is really limited and I think they are trying to become their own platform.

    I think having some sort of functionality where members of a discord can signup to events would be appealing to a wide-range of audiences, from clans, guilds, small communities even large groups.

  • Theodred

    I think perhaps this is the wrong place to offer our feedback. I cannot look into this at the moment, but it doesn’t appear that Discord takes any notice of this thread.

  • DFWEsportsGroup

    This is the right place. If you've noticed in the past, they'll pull from the feedback for some of their new features. The problem you have  here is they are working in very agile methodology, and this is going to be low priority as far as customer wants simply due to the fact that there is only 388 votes for it.

    As an example, some new features they recently implemented like being able to organize servers into folders received tens of thousands of votes.

    You want this to be taken seriously - you need to campaign for it, and get OTHER discord users in here to vote on it.

  • Sinkiki

    Yes please! the only reason my group has a website is for a calendar. I know there are a couple of bots out there but none of them are all that good in all honesty. Just add some kind of calendar.

  • Ferris

    Please add a built-in Calendar to Discord! This is so so important and would be amazing.

    Add channel and role integration for it, let there be notifications for scheduled and upcoming events, and reminders for long-running events that are about to end. Allow some events to require RSVP's, and give users the ability to opt in to those RSVP events. Give us control over where the notifications are posted, what types of notifications are posted, when they are posted!

    Give us our freedom!

  • Celesian

    I think you should be able to opt in to add your timezone, so you can have discord calculate in how many hours the event is gonna be in. This would help people in different timezones gauge  if they are able to come to events.

    In addition to a click here to be reminded of this event 

  • Okegima

    it need a raid planner :)

  • dole ☆

    That would be so wonderful.

    Just stumbled across Guilded.gg and with their features like Calendar, Docs, List, Forums, Chat, Announcements, VC, it's left me wanting so much more.

  • Avod_Rashod

    having a calendar channels for different groups or leaders hosting raids or other activities would be useful, and there are many other things you can do with such a system.

    I don't see a need to sync with google right off the bat, but that feature would be useful later on.

    You could add a personal calendar that syncs with the different events you selected from the different calendars.

  • lolotte

    Guilded is helping to transfer discord guilds on their platform. They are deleted the cool  features for discord. If this feature will be not created stable and quickly, you loose the business of the game community. 


    Guilded response : "We're sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the new version of Guilded. We no longer support Discord integration, though webhooks can be used to deliver calendar notifications to your server. Simple paste your Discord webhook URL into the webhook field of your Calendar Settings menu on any calendar channel to setup the webhook."

  • Jon ❤

    Oh wow, looks like they are working on making it exactly like Discord except with a calendar and matchmaking features. We'll see which happens first, I guess. Guilded catches up in terms of polish and users start switching that need these features or Discord adds these features.

  • almostsuspense
    good idea
  • katze114

    Gaming Calendar - a feature I wish for this idea

    I would like to have a calendar for gaming, because I recently missed an ingame event and forgot that an update is coming for a game I wanted to play online.

    So the calendar shows me planned game updates + changelog, ingame events and the release date of new games.

    You are free to choose, which games you want to follow and which informations you need about the game - updates, events or only the release date.

    As a streamer, I could make use of it nearly every day.

    What do you think?

     - before I made another feedback thread, but it was merged with this thread - closed                                                             -- don't know exactly how my idea is merged here? - but now I copied it here

  • 0401wizard

    Yes, for real.... organizing and seeing upcoming events in a discord would be so helpful


  • Rewind

    Yes please, a calendar that allows mentions and reminders would be incredible!

  • Jorvanus

    Honestly don't understand how this isn't a feature.  I have to go literally go elsewhere to organise this, when it could so easily integrated into a channel.  Don't make me go to guilded.

  • Gawnje

    We are still waiting for this feature. Demand is high. DO IT!

  • Zany

    Where do I need to go to vote for this calendar option?  I would be happy to pay a fee for it, even!

  • Katzagore

    Nice feature, we need it fast! Good job! :)


  • Misal

    Calendar system would have been excellent. Hope that the developers will look into adding this feature.

  • Inyahin

    Events calendars please. the members of our discord are begging for them :)

  • mavn81

    Yes please! a Calendar is a must! To move my team from Messenger to Discord

  • tobi-v

    I would love this as a feature!


  • Ferris

    Could we get an update on where we are with this?


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