Customized Role-Specific Emojis



  • lonl5445

    Bonne idée, et les admins aussi

  • username
    Animated emojis is a Nitro perk, and, in my opinion, it should stay that way.
  • brianna

    Sorry for the bad edit!

  • Aris

    We NEED this. It's dumb how not even discord's own emojis are used for usernames. In my server I like to put country flags next to the nickname, but windows doesn't support flags, so it looks aweful.

  • Bluessy

    my server has military ranks as their roles, we've also got special symbols for those ranks but now we don't have any reason to use them. if i could make it so everybody had a specific emote before their nickname showing what rank they are, it would be a god send!

  • B R

    That would also allow us to block certain emoji if we don't want them used on our servers. Such as the middle finger emoji.

  • JC™

    This is actually already a feature in the Discord API, but it is not a part of the app yet.

    I originally posted this here, but it got taken down fro some reason.

    If you want me to show you how, dm me at JCFilms#1340

  • PrivateSniper

    +1 to this idea, would be fantastic to add role icons infront or after peoples names

  • white

    +1 I'd really love this. I don't get how we don't see it yet.

  • Niasa*

    Please, please add this as a feature. I am surprised it is not already with custom server emojis being such a big thing currently. For all reasons already supplied and that fact that this would be another selling feature for discord, this is a MUST. I'm entirely surprised this is not already implemented and was incredibly disappointed when I tried to do this myself and it could not be done; hence leading me to find this thread and add my opinion.

    Please bring this in, it's needed. What is the point of having custom emojis if you can not enjoy and use them to the full?

  • thetechguy
    yeah we need this feature.
  • Ellie~♡

    +1, would be great for Patreon roles

  • HarshMallow

    I really really hope this feature gets added! It would add a whole new level on how users can easily be managed. It's possible to add the custom emoji text with no problem. the only thing left is for discord to parse the custom emoji text. I'm pretty sure this can be done within a day.

  • boss
    This would be cool.
  • ViridiCinis

    While the idea does not seem bad, I believe that it would be an issue regarding push notifications. Push notifications can only read text and official emojis, while custom emojis appear in the :EmojiNameFormat: if this makes any sence.

  • Dj Stores

    Just thought about this idea and immediately came to find it here to upvote it because it's FANTASTIC! And I'm glad it's in the Discord API - I'll look into if I can do it that way! :D

  • almostsuspense
    would be very cool
  • Madi

    Been waiting for something like this!

  • /home/Spaghettino🌸☢

    Yea please add this feature, it would be really nice to have

  • Kannon


  • nOObs_are_pro

    +1, would work for Twitch subs, Patreons and even gameserver donators!

  • MeLlamanHokage
    very good idea
  • vimals88

    Piggybacking on this idea. We recently introduced a reward system in the server for our members where they could have certain emojis next to their nickname based on an in-server eligibility criteria. We then realized that we cannot use the emoji set from discord in the nickname field which also means no custom emojis would work there. The only option then was to use the default Unicode emojis (available in emojipedia). We tried that and it worked but quickly ran into the compatibility issue. Many emojis appear differently in different systems depending on which device you are on or which operating system you use. This compatibility issue is only with the nickname field though. Everywhere else in discord, except of course in channel name fields, the emojis appear correctly across all systems.
    So yes, we too NEED this feature to avoid the embarrassment of rolling out a reward system based on emojis and they misfire. Thank you. In my mind, extending discord's native emoji support to nickname field also should resolve this request but I may be wrong. Either way, I would love to see this feature added.

  • Zipacna

    So is this going to happen? They don't seem to listen to suggestions.

  • Strike

    Not if suggestions don't get thousands of votes I guess ... Better sell some video games...

  • kojak747

    Why isn't this a thing? C'mon guys, sort it out...and I'll absolutely keep buying Nitro for my friends :)

  • lemmy

    be patient my friends, discord devs work super hard! im sure it will happen one day. if this thread picks up more votes/comments, maybe it will happen sooner than later. lets link this in our discord servers and have lots of people vote and comment!!!! 💕💯

  • cro

    please I want to use :goodboy: everywhere

  • Tyzam1

    This would be great! Upvoted.


  • Xazz

    Looking for something exactly like this. Let's make it happen, discord devs!


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