Make it possible for bots, to check if user has nitro, is in hypesquad, is staff, etc.



  • MoonlightCapital
    Would be cool by one sense, abusable in another. Imagine bots immediately banning anyone who isn't in X HypeSquad house instead of Y.
  • broman

    This endpoint already exists. See "flags"

  • Andre_601


    The issue with that is, that it needs you to have a special 2OAuth setup/link in order to even receive the info (See how it mentions "Identify" in the "Required OAuth2 Scope" area, which according to the OAuth2 page is a seperate setting(?)

    My feedback was for making it usable by bots, I updated my description a bit to make it more clear.


    Also @MoonlightCapital

    Isn't that already the case with bots out there? This would (of course) make it worse, but it wouldn't start this "fight", There are 145+ million users out there (And I have no idea if that already counts bots) and the chance that there are bots which "abuse" certaing things is almost always 100%.

  • ThatTonybo

    Already possible. Read the API docs.

  • ||Jojo||
    Oauth2 is "useable" by the bots and ``What on discord's API doesn't give a potential for abuse`` is a really bad argument. There is a reason why it requires an additional scope like for email, list guilds, connections or invitation.
  • Lengo
    I believe this is already possible.
  • Andre_601

    Discord added public_flags which is pretty much what I requested, with the exception of specific badges like nitro which is perfectly fine for me.

  • Trash Panda

    They also added premium-type which shows if they have nitro.


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