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  • always

    Hello all. I just realized this, but if you click in the gray background of the server list, you can then use your arrow keys to scroll up and down, respectively. Hope this helps. I would like to see a scroll bar, but this works.



  • Mr. Badger



    Thank you very much for explaining that. It works! God bless you.

  • kumamon!

    This post was made a year ago and there still is not option to scroll through servers. I am a laptop user whose touchpad does not scroll nor do I have a mouse. Please add a scroll option to go through servers!!

  • Trapdoorspyder

    Just a temporary fix until this very bad issue is addressed. To scroll, you can utilize the fact that when you re-order your channels, when dragging the channel, it will scroll automatically if you hold it at the top or the bottom. Just wanted to help everybody out with this little thing I discovered while having this same problem.

  • DeviledAkira

    I honestly want to be able to scroll my server list with my arrow keys again instead of using two fingers on my trackpad, which is very jumpy and oddly weird. I would literally have to wait for a ping to get to one of my servers, and it's very frustrating. Arrow keys were intended, not unintended. Why not have arrow keys as a feature instead of using a trackpad because I have no mouse to speak of. I have tried other buttons to see if it'd scroll properly. Nothing. Please bring this back, Discord staff. This is not a direction that this type of chat module should be heading to. I really hope that arrow key scrolling will come back as soon as possible. It's not a bug, nor is getting rid of it a "feature". It's a necessity for desktop users for Discord.

  • Aantara

    This is a little upsetting that this has been asked for for 2 years now to no avail. After getting frustrated for the hundredth time that I couldn't scroll through my server list on my laptop, I decided to search for a solution... only to find none. Ive managed to get shortcut keys to work on rare occasion but otherwise I have to switch to my phone to access the rest of my servers. 

    If a scroll bar is not going to be implemented can we at least get a decent shortcut key to navigate up and down the list without having to resort to searching for a server or convo. Or dragging servers around to force it to scroll or any other rediculous workaround that your users are being forced to use due to faulty UI.

  • amir

    I agree with the scroll bar implementation to get the desired guild but as a substitute you can use the search bar which I think not most people know about. The keyboard shortcut to make it appear is CTRL+T.

  • butterscotch

    bumping this. completely unhappy with the lack of thought put into this by the discord team. i have a mouse, but when i wish to use my laptop without it, i can't hope to use discord because i know i won't be able to scroll through my servers. in all candidness, a scroll bar should be one of the more obvious features to implement, so i cannot understand why we're deficient of one.

  • vegassparkyrich

    Okay, kind of weird and hokey, but I've noticed a behavior that accomplishes the meat of the requirement:

    When selecting a server in the side bar the application sets focus to the text box in the "current" channel in the selected server.  If you click the current server again focus is set to the server side bar - at which point the Home/End keys seem to allow paging up and down the bar, while the Up/Down arrows allow scrolling.

    When fiddling with this I had to ensure that the focus was not in the text box - otherwise the same keys have contextual/no effect within the channel itself.

    I'm a little surprised a dev hasn't said anything - perhaps they just don't really watch this forum....

  • renkat

    How is the scroll bar for the server list still not a thing? Why do we have to try workarounds and manipulations to do a thing that a simple scroll bar would do?

  • Why is this still not implemented?

  • Ayfri

    Please !

  • Weremouse

    Please consider adding this feature. With more and people people using Discord during C-19, it is really common to have well over 10 servers on your list and every other part has a scroll bar of some kind, even if some of them are extremely narrow. Even putting them into folders only gives you a little more flexibility to select the different servers you want to see on a laptop without waiting for someone to post something and hope you click on the notification in time to go to the server! I now have servers I would like to post in and can't because I simply can't see them off the bottom of the screen and none of the suggestions for scrolling down to them using keyboard shortcuts seems to work... 

  • apstwitch

    Now 2 years later ... still no server list scroll bar

  • Brain

    It's obviously not important to them, doesn't make money, unlike kids toys stuff like stickers...

  • Sark

    How is this still a problem? Not being able to have a scroll bar on the server list is absolutely ridiculous and very poor user interface design. I don't understand why it's so hard? There's a scroll bar on the chat window. There's a scroll bar on the channel list. But no scroll bar for servers?

    Yes, I get it, I can click in the gray area next to a server and use the arrow keys. But it doesn't exactly scroll smoothly, and it's pretty easy to mis-click and just select a server. Navigating a bunch of servers is a pain. I guess that's what I get for trying to be in too many servers, but... still. There should just be a scroll bar.

    Or - how about this? A way to have the servers listed by name with no icon, so you fit more on the screen?



  • Barleduq

    Sark - clicking the grey area that's not a server icon in the server list, and then using the arrow keys, does not work on Ubuntu Linux 18.04, with the latest version of Discord.  

    Scrollbar, please.  Srsly this is ridiculous. 

  • TonyHogard

    It is ludicrous that there is no scroll bar for the server list.

  • JohnSmith777779

    I'm also having this problem.

  • Inklingboi

    I'd also reallly like for this to be added.
    after snooping in inspect element i saw that the cause was this line (atleast in firefox)
    ```scrollbar-width: none;``` after removing that the scrollbar appears which just makes me wonder why they dont do something about this, even though it's so easy to solve

  • ztl6000

    Why is this still not implemented?

  • KennedysRep

    No idea. And to think I just saw some popup when launching discord a while back indicating you can have up to 100 servers too. LOL! Imagine having to use arrow keys that only go so fast (unless using touch screen perhaps) to scroll through your 100 servers!

    Maybe they think everyone has a touch screen enabled device nowadays...smh. It's one feature that users would praise and they seem to not even notice or care that it's a request.

  • 💚𝓒𝓸𝓭𝔂 💚

    3 years and Discord still has no scrollbar on the server list just proof they don't give 2 shits about making their app user friendly smh

  • Merin

    I need to get on my phone in order to join a server with an invite link... My laptop is really broken and the scroll pad passed out not so long ago, so this is a big problem for me.

  • andy2112

    3 years later...  Still not there.  At least what KennedysRep brings up helps a little: thanks for that.

    And beside not having this scrollbar, the one in the list of users is sometimes almost impossible to click on because it's so narrow.  At least the channel one is a little better and the one in the chat is useable... I suppose these depend on your device and resolution though.


  • KennedysRep

    And on thr discord android app you can scroll the server list with touch. Yet they can't add a scroll bar to the server list for Windows.

  • Spirit

    its.. still not a thing.. 

  • Tech Flashes

    I just made a tutorial to add a scroll bar to the server list that works for both discord in browser and desktop application.
    Here is the tutorial:


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