Send pictures in the order you select them! Or a specific given order.



  • raven

    same, i tried to send a "then vs now" type message to a server w a picture from 3 yrs ago and a picture from today and it sent the newest picture first no matter what order i selected them in

  • NottaClone

    I've even tried renaming the images, thinking that maybe it list them alphabetically... NOPE!
    Thought maybe it ordered them by file size... NOPE!
    I've searched Google multiple times to find an answer to this question, but have found nothing. I tweeted the question to @discordapp on twitter, but I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for an answer. If I do find out anything I will be sure to relay the information everywhere I can though! 😏

  • Storme the Cat

    It's very frustrating when you have to upload panels of a comic individually. It just feels dumb this way.

  • Edricus

    It's so much a must have I don't even know why it doesn't work like this. I mean when, coding this, you choosed to upload randomly ??

  • Kertys

    Sounding off for visibility! The Twitter app let's you choose images in order and it numbers them as you select them. Discord should do the same!

  • Haida

    Years later and here we are..

  • УD

    It's 2021 now and I assume this has been an issue since Discord allowed you to upload multiple files at once.

    Somehow other people manage to upload images in a specific order and I assume I will never find out how.

  • NottaClone

    Whatever order you tap on the images when selecting multiple images is now the order that they will come up when you post your message.
    I hit up Discord on Twitter about this issue a long time ago, and they fixed it a few months later... Probably been fixed for around a year now 🤔

  • ekstasis


    It's still presenting for me on discord

    Stable 85712 (10a9883)
    Host 1.0.9001
    Windows 10 64-Bit (10.0.19041)

    my case has three files

    bike1.png 169 KB created 5/27/2021@2:28PM
    bike2.png 113 KB created 5/27/2021@2:28PM
    bike3.png 184 KB created 5/27/2021@2:29PM

    if I `shift + click` on `bike3` and then select `bike1` the filenames listed in order are
    1, 3, 2 but when I press upload the post order is "3, 2, 1"

    if I shift + click on b1 and then select b3 the filenames are listed as

    3, 2, 1 - odd but maybe this will work? No the posted order is still
    3, 2, 1

    Time to try ctrl+click

    starting at 1 and going to 3 filenames listed as b3, b2, b1 but post order is again 3, 2, 1

    let's go 3 to 1 - files listed 1 through 3 in ascending order and still when I click open the post order is 3, 2, 1

    Now let's rename the files 1 and 3 to see if for some reason discord is using filename

    the newly named file3 (now file1) is still the first chosen image.

    It seems like they go based on the most resent to least recent or at least this is the case for windows.

  • Crimson

    Here to comment the same thing. Was uploading some things on PC and it just actually upload in the order you select or arrange them in. Here I was thinking I was gonna have an easy time uploading all of these pictures lol...

  • Katsura

    Same issue for me. I just got a new phone and transferred all my data on it and discord is arranging my photos incorrectly. I have to scroll all the way down and look for the latest photo I had taken from my previous phone. Discord can you please fix this issue?


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