Categorizing & Personal Nicknames.



  • cokrychitel

    I think that the second is already in Discord. This is called a note, but I believe that you want much more than she. BetterDiscord has a plugin similar to what you described. With it, you can search for this user not only by his nickname, but also by the pseudonyms that you gave him, write to him and do other things added to Discord. I think if they add this feature to the discord itself, it will be cool.

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  • Frosty
    I don't think it's necessary to be honest.
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  • SSDX

    I disagree with the latter post tbh. It would be neat if I could name my friends based on how I know them (either real names or nicknames that aren't their discord ID). That way I could see who's PMing me at a glance without having to remember usernames, sorta like how iOS allows you to give your contacts nicknames.

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