Ability to Edit Images



  • Stahna

    Why can't I already do this??
    It's especially annoying when you need to update a read-only channel while maintaining the order of posts/information. Sometimes I end up just redoing the entire channel.

  • xiaowongbao

    Please hear us discord :(

  • Friday

    This should have been a thing ages ago.
    I have a guides channel and I wanted to edit some of the previous info and swap out some pictures with updated ones.

    Now it turns out I have to delete the whole frigging post and mess up the order of my posts completely to accomplish that. 

    This sucks

  • 【EEE】Support


  • Adamgh

    This needs to be added, 
    If we can edit text why cant we edit photos?

  • Nikita

    Not only you cannot edit the attachment, you cannot remove it without deleting the whole message (meaning having to lose the text as well). As others have mentioned, it is really frustrating, especially when it comes to editing or updating something way up the thread.

    Please implement the feature to remove/replace the attachment.

    The only workaround I have found viable so far is using embeds (a direct link to the source) which are editable as part of the text. It really is a shame having to do it that way.

    Workaround steps:

    • Create your own private channel or group solely for storing attachments
    • Upload your attachment to that channel as you normally would (do not delete it otherwise it will expire and become unavailable)
    • Copy the link to the attachment
    • Post a new message with the link you have just copied to where you actually need it
    • Watch the link materialize into an embed
    • Enjoy your editable attachment message

    If you want to prevent the entire URL from showing up as a part of the message, make sure that the URL is the only text of that message. In other words, have your text (attachment comment) and the attachment link as two separate messages.


    This needs to be added,

  • Jestyrs


  • Joseph Burgan

    ^ Exactly what he said.

  • Disorganized

    I write a lot of technical posts and rely on LaTeX images and animated GIFs. Sometimes I will forget a character and need to edit the image, but when I remove the image, I cannot replace it. I need to manually save every post after in a text document and redo every one of them, and any images that came after. This is not modern design. Please address this issue ASAP. We need to be able to edit/replace our images. If Stack Overflow can do it, so can Discord


  • Caley

    Yasss. That would be great!

  • Jaznime

    I actually hadn't thought of this, but I'm totally for this idea!

  • ArtistaLyss

    Please Discord, it's been a year since this post! This needs to be added!

  • Walts

    Just came across this problem myself ... please add image editing/removal!!!

  • Kekus_Maximus

    Agree. This is insanely frustrating as someone who creates a bunch of read-only informational channels. Some of these channels have gotten so large, it'd be impossible to recreate them. 

    If you can't give us the ability to edit images, can you at least give server owners/mods the ability to move the order of posts (while still giving a timestamp on those posts)? I feel like that alone would solve this problem and many other associated problems. 

  • darkneon2002

    I'm missing this function multiple times a day because of all the communities I collaborate in. And everything info changes this feature would be a massive time saver!

  • Joseph.Christensen

    How is this still a problem? I didn't want to come on here just to complain, but everything has already been said and there doesn't appear to have been any acknowledgment from Discord whatsoever. Considering how hard they push for people to use their product for gaming, the inability to change images in posts for RPGs seems like it should have been implemented years ago.

  • Jodin

    I recently started using Discord and I'm a little surprised that, not only is this not a feature, but it has been needed for years and not implemented. Nikita's work around is a good idea and I'll be using it.

  • The King of Prudence

    This is also problematic when you delete the attachment, then regret deleting it for whatever reason.

  • TakasuNight

    I really hope they add this very useful feature. It's shameful you couldn't edit an image, but you had to delete everything and then republish it..
    I have a server where I created a game guide, and every time I always have to delete everything and then republish it, just to have everything in order..
    Please do it

  • Ahamd hassan

    I sincerely hope they include this fantastic function. It's embarrassing that you have to erase everything and then republish it instead of being able to modify one image. I made a gaming guide on a server, but every time I have to make changes, I have to erase everything and then publish it again to keep everything organized.

  • Hm

    Is there any other app besides imgur that has images for dragon ball?



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