Being invited to group chats



  • Bloodysunset

    It already is possible. Click the "Add Friends to DM" button on the top bar of your DM group. You should see this :

    As you can see, on the bottom of this popup, there is a link you can copy and send!


    Hope it helps you!

  • RangHo

    Ah never knew that! Thank yiu for letting me know!

    Guess it is time to *really* ditch Hangouts :)

  • HoshiDaMochi~

    Hallelujah! I completely agree! I've been inconsiderately added (against my will and desire) to group DMs that made me so uncomfortable and was tormenting and simply put, very annoying. Like I'm being whisked to another dimension.

  • hanniabu

    Except this link expires in 3 hours. Not very helpful to be honest and there's no way to change the expiration like channel/server invite links.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    I liked this suggestion, so have an upvote from me.
  • SlyTheFloof

    yes @Discord Please add this it should of been like this from the beginning


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