Clearing Direct Message Option



  • Ceus

    To be honest, they could keep all the data. I don't really care about that. I care more about being able to delete it from my clients. All they'd have to do is add a "hidden" column in their database (as an example), and anything deleted gets marked as "hidden" so that they can retain the information.

    It's an invasion of privacy, but most large companies don't care. We are in the era of invasion of privacy.

  • AzuAzu

    I would REALLY appreciate this, HOW is it not available already?

    We want privacy, we don't want to see inappropriate things that get sent to us, or friendships end and we'd rather delete a chat history (on both sides please). If I want a chat history completely obliterated, it should be included. My privacy isn't being valued without this option present. A lot of my friends also want this feature and some become disheartened or angry from having to continue seeing ex friends' messages still there.


    Please create an option for this, Discord. We'd all appreciate it.

  • CarcinogenZ

    Agreed, bump, of course it should only clear on your side, and maybe even a way to bring it back if only one person cleared in, but if both sides clear it, its going to clean a lot of discord hard drive space, you know what i mean? This isnt just useful for us

  • Serendipiti

    How is this isn't a feature yet? I really REALLY NEED THIS FEATURE on discord already! So annoying this isn't on there yet. Please make this happen :(

  • MiST

    yep this is really bs that its not a feature already its not hard to implement

  • AllurinGirl

    This, but it has to actually "unsend", delete the message on both ends.

  • f0x

    Please alot of us will be needing this even if its just our own copy of the dm.

  • LordDanaher

    Would be awesome to be able to completely clear out messages, having the option to delete all messages, and have delete all messages after Said time frame, so on. 

    Thanks, this would im sure help the discord servers from having to cache all that useless data. 


  • Jon

    Agreed tbh , people should be able to delete their dms with somebody they have spoken with and by that i mean by deleting all the messages involving yours and the other person' messages , this would be very useful. 

  • Less Magic More Retard

    Moving to Line for this very reason. Will check back and see if progress is made.......Good Luck

  • Kevin Carbonara

    I can't believe there isn't an option already. This is a very serious security concern - it's far too easy for a new user to gain access to a server, crawl through the messages, and search them for personal info. And if a user is banned from a server, they can't even delete messages manually anymore. There needs to be a bulk delete option directly from Discord, and it needs to be available, even if you don't have access to the server anymore.

  • graceangel

    I need this feature a lot. I want to reset all my dms back to a fresh slate.

  • FrostyDog

    I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they get it fixed, but it still needs to be done as soon as possible

  • _Sparkle_

    Agree I have the same problem 😤😤

  • L4suicide

    It's nice to de-clutter. I have a channel with a webhook I use. I don't want to have to re-create the channel periodically to clean up all the old crap that has been sent through (and I only just created something that will clean up things I have sent after a week.. but it won't sort out the stuff pre-cleaner upper)

  • DanyWeddellyy

    To be honest, I’m tired of seeing these DM’s and I want them cleared. I like looking at a blank screen. However, I totally agree with a few of the users opinions in those who suffer from abuse. An abusive person who is trying to control the discord user could potentially see messages they were not meant to see and this could trigger an attack. This is actually a serious issue.

  • Sakkara

    Apparently they STILL have zero intentions of implementing this feature.  I sent a tweet and they replied with "no talks of it but continue to advocate at (link:!"
    I'm going to try to get more friends to post here, maybe if enough of us comment and bump this thread we can get some manpower on this.  
    RALLY THE TROOPS Y'ALL!!  Get them posting here!!! <3

  • AppleBetas

    This would be nice, but for guild channels or entire guilds as well

  • Trimmed Req

    dont see why this wasnt from day dot, every other messaging service has it why not this, Just a MUST!

  • Matthew

    I see no reason why this is needed other than abuse..


    Lets say you spammed someone with instant invites (not saying you would, but there are some people, unfortunately), and they were going to report you to trust and safety. click. Boom. Evidence is gone and this person will get away with doing what they did

  • Global Warming

    How you do that?

  • Youkaiz

    please can this be implemented or at least give a response too ? its been months now

  • Supermonkey

    Yes that would be cool

  • Matthew

    Why would you need to do that

  • Fangur [Dro Mszrob]
    You can do this on the computer by hovering the conversation and clicking de smallx
  • Betazed

    I would like to be able to close my direct messages from both sides of the conversation

  • Abu Brandino

    As if this isn’t a feature already. Come on Discord step it up.

  • WispyHaseeb

    Discord, Please add this because its really irritating to have old chats and new chats messed up completely.

  • Killua

    I would really love to see this option! I hate opening a DM and being full of messages.

  • Chani

    It's insane that this isn't a feature already. :\


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