integrate Health and Safety into the Discord app



  • RGTube
    <@306394104202264578> tbh discord could put out applications (or volenteery applications) for Discord Moderators that can check these reports. This would be similar to Discord staff and the health and safety team. Perhaps they can have a badge that says Official Discord Moderator
  • Ki
    I think its about time we actually add that. though i will feel bad for the team checking all the reports
  • Ki
    that works. hope this gets high enough ups to be implemented ^^
  • Seiji

    Yes, I would definitely support this. I just got bombarded with server invites from 5 different ppl.

  • RGTube

    Honestly same that's the biggest reason why this needs to be added. I am constantly gettinf reports from members on my server about dm ads

  • RGTube

    That's not what I suggested but it would branch into what I suggested. Have you ever gotten an unsolicate advertisement? Yes? Well I have gotten over 100 and I don't have the time to report all 100 accounts. Advertising servers is people's dms is against discords terms of service since it falls under the promotional category. (I'm not sure which category it directly falls under but it exist). There are also people that claim to be under discords age requirement of 13 and that's a big no-no as well. It helps everyone in the end.

  • Biglulu

    No. Each server should police their own users, the actual devs of the app should have no say in whether you're allowed to join servers or not.

  • Noava

    Maybe add only, mee6 lvl(x) and higher can join giveaways?

    x is the level you guys think is ok.



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