Make automatic idle an option to be disabled.



  • salih.gulsen

    I definitely need to set the auto-idle time setting to something much less than the setting now. 

    When i become AFK, it should be switching to idle mode as soon as time defined in my custom setting elapsed. 

    And "infinity" should be an option for those who need it online all the time.

    There is already a delay setting for the mobile device notifications, so why not for this option? it is much more necessary tbh.

    Cheers - SG

  • Nyoob

    Come on Discord... how can it take that long to implement such a simple feature?

    People have been asking for 2 years now.

    Its a privacy thing, people on the internet shouldn't be knowing if i'm using the computer or not right now.

  • GargantulaKon

    Still not implemented? I was actually wasting time searching for this option and Discord has almost every option I needed except this.

  • chirp

    I think it's ridiculous that we somehow got custom statuses before the ability turn off auto-idle. Why they'd think this should be the default behavior is mind boggling.

  • Mazzl

    It's really sad, I put idle now as my standard status and had to make a custom status to explain I'm not actually idle. That seems to be the only work-around and it's still terrible. I really hope we get this feature soon...

  • sl0zy

    I really need this feature man. please discord it's been 2 years not even a response....

  • Crescent Zelda🌙

    I think a timer would be better for Idle, you can choose from 5 mins, 10 mins, 25 mins, and ∞(infinity)
    Infinity will never auto-set your status to idle


  • Marcin

    I agree so hard with everything said so far. This is an essential feature that many people want. Please guys!!!! PWEASEEEE

  • .ღ. miyuzie

    Wow, It's been TWO years and still no change in this quite annoying feature. Sometimes I use desktop site on mobile when I'm not using my laptop or the mobile app and even when I'm talking with people, it goes idle anyways. The people who I am DMing with always ask why I'm going idle. Every. Single. Time. And I have to explain that it's an irritating feature Discord has. We seriously need this to be added. If the community asks for it and nearly 200 people agree in here, alongside with many other feedback dupes of the same request, then this is a serious issue. Please add this feature that has been suggested several times already. What are you waiting for, Discord? We've been patient for so long. :'(

  • b1rdex

    Still waiting for this in 2020...

  • lord

    Discord... we love you so please show us some love as well and deliver this tasty feature to your delighted masses!

  • flamesoff

    It's so easy to implement. So strange that it wasn't a basic feature from the very beginning.

  • LMG_Marcin


    It's a MUST-HAVE feature !!
    Discord dev's come'on!

  • Alin Corlan

    Are you guys joking? Do you want me to copy paste you the code? It's a basic feature that you've been lacking for years now, with a lot of people asking for it and you just ignore it. I literally can't go make a coffee without becoming idle. Do you not realise how this can affect working people using discord? Or do you simply want us to stop using Discord and find an alternative?

    Git gud discord devs you're slacking

  • maddhater


  • Quitzel

    For anyone wanting to let people listen along to their Spotify, I recommend using Do Not Disturb.  This setting keeps you from going Idle and allows people to listen along.  You will still receive notifs on your phone (if you have it set up that way) so it's perfect for those that just want it to be not-idle all day.  

  • Wolfric

    Wow, seriously? This thread has been here for 2 years and it's still not been implemented? Come on Discord, why not? It's a simple request in the grand scheme of things, isn't it? Surely it wouldn't take much, and you'd be making a lot of your loyal users happy.. please?

  • GrzechuXD

    I think that better way is to not able to change status to offline when device is online

  • snehil

    Is there a way where I can set users online on my website with a discord interface? And they can chat and manage servers

  • SiempreGaga

    So... More than 2 years and still nothing yet, not even a single response, for such a basic and requested feature?

    I guess we can just keep updating this post.....

  • Markusaw

    Yeah this is such a basic feature that I feel like they are expected to have. I find it weird that even after two years the discord team hasn't been made aware of this.

  • Stevenwinsu

    Need this ASAP signed in just to reply hoping staff will one day see this

  • HexMaker

    I occasionally use discord on my kindle fire which means l cant download it, and it keeps going into idle mode while im typing. It's annoying because then i'll get a notification for the very messages im reading. 

  • S0ulRaider

    Please implement this.

  • nqtry


    This is a must-have, It's be two years. C'mon, this feature should've been implemented the second that idle-mode and auto-idle became a thing.

  • quadiq


    I need it too

  • DevilSShadoW

    This is downright embarrassing. It's been years since this request has been created with no acknowledgement from the dev team. In a work from home environment, the invasive nature of forced afk is downright harmful. Business orientated apps like slack allow for disabling of auto-afk, yet discord continues to ignore such a simple feature.

  • jox

    I can only agree with the rest. Why are certain feature requests ignored?

  • Stonehaven

    Hey guys, I agree there should be a larger delay time that the server allows that the member can set before he goes auto afk but never limitless.

    Maybe even a new check box setting for the server, that says to;


    "use the users chosen delay time that the server user has set for them selves, to go afk".


    Come on now discord! "-This is downright embarrassing." I agree to that!
    "-I can only agree with the rest. Why are certain feature requests ignored?"
    So dull of, not even a "-Hey I hear you"!?
    Matrix much?


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