64-bit Discord




  • Hamtaro

    If it helps to make my CPU usage lower. I am down for it.

  • TheGrimSilence

    I concur

  • Pimpsik

    Yeah pls...

    it takes so much meomory!

  • Dr3amNightmare

    It's not going to fix memory problems most likely, not unless React Native does some magic in converting to 64 bit. But what it does provide is a faster binary, and for MacOS users, the ability to actually use Discord when 10.15 comes out (That update is supposed to say goodbye to 64 bit for good). The time is fast approaching and if Disc doesn't act soon, they could lose some users to incompatibility

  • Kid Krule

    Discord's desktop client isn't built on React Native. The iOS app is. And React Native for iOS only supports 64 bits. The desktop app runs in Electron which ships 64 bits versions.

    The more you know ...

  • TheGrimSilence

    Electron is only for Desktop applications. It's built on chromium and developed by GitHub. React Native is only for Android and iOS, while it's desktop counterpart is simply React DOM.

  • Kid Krule

    ^ thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world, but first read what I wrote again dude

    Also, interestingly and contrary to popular belief, the Android app isn't built on React Native, only iOS'

    Read more there: https://blog.discordapp.com/why-discord-is-sticking-with-react-native-ccc34be0d427

  • willemavjc

    @Kid Krule So if I understand you right, the regular Windows desktop version proposed for downloading on the Discord website is 32 bits but could be 64 bits because it could be based on Electron 64 bits versions. But why do they not use Electron 64 bits versions then?

    (From my Task Manager, I can see several 32 bits processes so I assume the Electron version shipped is 32 bits.)

  • Kid Krule

    @willemavjc you understand right. Yes, it's technically possible for Discord to ship a 64 bit Windows client. However, I can't tell you why they don't. For instance, the MacOS version of Discord only ships as 64 bit (because latest versions of Electron for Mac only support 64 bit as per recommended / enforced by Apple which is dropping support for 32 bit apps altogether).


    A theory (worth what it's worth) is that they chose to only ship one "universal" Windows app for simplicity's sake: less builds, less tests, less potential problems thus saving time & money. Another one could be that they are relying on 3rd party libraries (additional software incapsulated within the app) that aren't compiled for 64 bit Windows. Finally, another reason, could be that they just think the app wouldn't benefit from being compiled against 64 bit systems and thus don't even bother (that's the less-likely theory for me).


    As you can see, I don't really have a clue as to why they don't offer 64 bit Windows clients but I do support this thread suggesting that they do in the future :)

  • Dynamical

    If nothing was stopping Discord from releasing a 64-bit version, I don't understand why they don't. Discord is a newly built app and is mainly designed for gamers. I doubt anyone these days actually run 32-bit operating systems, especially gamers.

  • Mana

    Microsoft probably no longer supports 32-bit versions of Windows, so why is this still 32-bit unless it's meant for those? People who really insist on using it on such old systems can still use the web app without problems, can't they?

    64-bit brings far more to the table than just greater memory access after all, despite it being the biggest counterargument (it's NOT the only thing it does). Notably codecs for compressing and decompressing video and audio work better, and look what Discord mostly does, voice calls! Seriously, I don't know how else you manage to use a constant 20% CPU on a voice call and 50-90% when streaming in horrifyingly low quality.

    And I seriously doubt you are going to have significant number of users who fail to know if they have 32 bit or 64 bit OS, especially among gamers.

  • Firebird71

    You guys all missed the point of React Native and React. They are JavaScript i.e. script driven framework and not a run time!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means it is not even compiled into binary code.. It is interpreted by a runtime. The nature of the Javascript engine(runtime) dictates if it is 64 bit or not!

    Typically it is run in a Javascript engine based on Google's V8. The same runtime that powers Google Chrome's Javascript capabilities.So React Native only differs in the way it runs its UI(what you see) components from React i.e. it actually uses the native UI widgets that come with Android or IOS giving that native look and feel and ofcourse better performance! While React uses plain HTML(5) components and is dependent on the browser that it is using. So using React Native on the Desktop is stupid but makes sense on a mobile device.

    The Discord desktop app uses electron which packages both Nodesj(Server side Javascript) and Chromium(Open source base of Google Chrome) , i.e.  a Javascript Desktop framework that uses React, Nodejs powers the stack!. Only difference is Electron is meant for creating Desktop applications. The interesting point usign this recpie is React Native and React have a same knowledge base for a developer and have common syntax. They only differ is the UI components available out of the box. So you can save a lot of developer time targetting different devices. Also developer skills are common too.

    So for the desktop app Discord can change the electon version they are building their app on an migrate to 64bit. That said as far as Apple goes, the React Native on IOS is running on JavaScriptCore engine which is a component of Safari Browser and is natively 64bit. Sorry for this long post, but hopefully it is educative!

  • lord_doominicYT

    it took me a while to realize, my discord was 32 bit. me has 64 bit computer. this would be useful

  • georgewtf

    Better yet, make it not run on electron.js

  • Dynamical

    > Better yet, make it not run on electron.js

    If Discord can't be bothered making it 64-bit, I doubt they will even consider using a different API for their desktop apps, as now they will have 4 builds of Discord (I think), Web, Desktop, iOS and Android.

    Sure, they could use something like Avalonia, which in theory could combine the Desktop and Mobile apps into one, and be faster and more efficient than the current versions. But this will be a lot of work for them.

  • Carlos Magno

    quando vão libera a versão do Discord Para 64 bits?

  • BootN/bootn.ff

    Eu concordo com isso pois com meu sistema é de 64 bits o discord fica lento no meu computador.


  • darkforcex

    Yes please. Livestreams feel so slow and sluggish and have high CPU and GPU usage. If a 64bit upgrade will fix this issue and speed up the overall app then its a no brainer. Most people are running 64 bit Windows now anyway and this is the only popular and highly used desktop app running 32bit only still.

  • ebermoabs1001

    yes pls my cpu is going to be happy



  • finncrack00

    donde lo puedo descargar el discord de 64 bits


  • MattBDev

    I'm strongly in favor of this. The improvements in CPU usage and the small improvement of memory management would be awesome. Right now, discord is using 3% of my CPU in the background but I am sure it would be able to use even less if it were a 64-bit application. 

  • Vasco

    Esta merda e assim, vao por o discord de 64 bits JÁ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OberHonscho

    I want a 64bit version of this APP... NOW!!! tell the PM to get off their asses and prioritize the story

  • Big Flubba

    I can completely agree to this and I will back this up tremendously. Discord calls (voice only with noise suppression and additional enhancements turned off) will cause my CPU of hover around the 10-15% mark. My laptop idles at 5% btw. My current CPU for my laptop is a Intel i7-4600M. To summarise it my CPU only has 2 cores 4 threads and is 64 bit. I am aware that is not sufficient for modern day tasks but it is all that I have. I am a gamer and do play modern games even esport games on that laptop (for the GPU I have the integrated GPU on the CPU Intel HD Graphics 4600). In some titles I am bottlenecked CPU wise and in some cases I have purposely completely closed Discord and use the aweful in-game voice chat for the extra 10 FPS (trust me I need it a constant 25 FPS (on a good day) is bot enough to be competitive). I only have 8GB of ram in my laptop aswell. Even if 64 bit gets integrated into Discord with even little improvements overall, any increase in performance and less consumption of my resources is needed even if it is small.

  • j0KZ


  • Hex1dis


  • UbiquitousSwedishFish

    It's been years now and I have no idea why this isn't a thing yet. Please discord devs, make it happen

  • Audi81

    Hell yes! That should've happened years ago... 32-bit is soon to become a past relic and they're just holding it back.

    Also it'd help have it run on a certain legacy operating system 👀


  • BenZooFkw

    Yes give us an 64-bit Version ! PLEASE !!!

  • Developer Alpha

    64 BITS


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