Link account with epic games



  • Zanza

    Discord: hey guys get discord nitro for free on epic games store... 

    Me: can i link my egs account to discord? 

    Discord: epic game store? whats that??


    like seriously wtf guys? yall meming 

  • chatorios



    Damn it

  • 💀EØZ💀

    id like to have this also ,, why beacuse i have groups,, and would be easier to coneect or link to all ,, with epic games,,, one them is your rival i know  or somthing like that  but, really epic games headset stuff,, is crap for me and  discord is way better,, mic  and headset conections are gay,,, sorry say  only  discord,, is  good,, for  speaking to people ,,  and i  have a new group.. that is called wtf gaming lol...  so yea, i really need more  conections ,, one them being  epic games,,,

  • irajura

    Just please tell us how to connect our epic games acount to discord

  • appel0637948467

    Bonjour il y a un problème mon ami elle peux pas parler dans le jeu son EPIC II_CHAKLDUR_II si vous pouvez la débloquer sans problème SVP

  • g0ld3ᴎ-m0b72


    By Linking it. Like how some ppl linked their Steam, Xbox,, & Twitch Accounts

    But really though, That would be nice :)


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