Timestamp on Twitter/YouTube Embeds



  • M3rlin
    I am not aware of Twitter embeds or what they do, but for Youtube, people can get an already-embedded link. When you click `Share`, you can choose a specific Timestamp. If you would like to clarify what Twitter embeds are, we would be able to further assist you!
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  • ajvark

    what you are talking about with regards to youtube is a timecode. in the discord RichEmbed and MessageEmbed classes, there is a property called a timestamp that can have a value like "2018-12-19T06:09:28.009Z" and is displayed within the embed message. I am saying to use that property like this for when someone in discord posts a link to a tweet:
    As for when someone links a youtube video, this would showcase the date that the video was uploaded. Please let me know if you need any other clarification.

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