Discord needs a LITE version!



  • Ironman

    Please, i had to uninstall Discord and use Discord on google chrome or any browser
    because i can't use browser with having discord running in background
    CPU reachs 70% and my CPU Fan starts screaming

  • Wolfie

    I want one too There is sooooo much garbage this app does not need.

  • Ilaks

    I have bad PC and i need LITE Discord!!!

  • austin

    They either need a LITE version, or they need to add options to disable things we don't use. Like disabling the store page, things like that. I am using a Surface Pro 3, and sitting IDLE with discord open makes the fan kick on. People saying "use the browser version" are annoying because it's harder and slower to navigate via the browser. The actual discord app works better for right clicking to delete or get things you need, where in the browser you can't. We need a LITE version that is just a basic text and talk app. PLEASE DISCORD.

  • animal

    Commenting for awareness

  • kamunra01

    I've been noticing Discord having more hardware usage since a year or two, but these last months it is at its worse, in the begining of the year I played GTA V and other games with Discord open without big problems, but since some updates ago when I play GTA V wile talking to my friends in Discord I have stutters all the time and the CPU starts to suffer to load the objects and textures from the game, and Discord starts cuting people voice and crash all of a sudden, none of this happend months ago.

    We indeed need a Lite version, with all this happening I am really considering to leave Discord for some lighter app because I simply can't stant this for much longer.

    PS.: also, Discord has been crashing even when nothing else is open since last update.

  • Hazel

    and for mobile too!

  • ЧупаЧупс

    I needs a LITE version.

  • XDminceraft

    Discord needs a LITE version or option.

    I am running Discord on a 2016-ish laptop with a Intel Pentium processor, and it consumes all of its processing power.

    Please, Discord staff, my laptop is dying.



  • クリス

    If you go into the Voice & Video section of your settings on Discord and scroll down a bit, it says "Discord uses only the best organic locally-sourced Opus Voice codec." So yes, it does :)

  • Sandbag

    I definitely want this.  Without it rocket chat and mumble are becoming attractive.


  • aidan
  • Unactive

    This isn't possible with the way Discord works. Discord is built with Electron, they sacrifice CPU and RAM in order to have a consistent app on browser, Linux, Mac, Windows... emulating the whole chromium.

    Also, "This would be good for people that just uses discord to do calls, chat, and get news from their favourite discord servers." this is literally the most "expensive" parts of Discord, developers aren't magicians.

    At least not all of them.

  • Marc l'Ours

    The team speaking hamoniously wont come from discord.

  • Richie

    827 votes now. Come on Discord Staff. Stop adding stuff and ruining what was once a simple and great program/idea!

  • SerjSev

    Maybe Discord doesnt want to code it lol, but they will cause we will never stop suggesting this.

  • Discord is laggy as hell, me and my friends are moving to TeamSpeak, less RAM and CPU usage and more stability 

  • davfsa
    Please check that you dont have Hardware Acceleration (found under Settings>Appearance>Advanced) turned on, that could be what is causing your problem
  • أبو زكريا

    Does anyone know which audio codec Discord uses? Is it Opus?

  • ActionBrother

    That is weird indeed. Thanks for letting me know. 2 years ago I installed the stable version and never installed or reinstalled anything, only letting it update. I never applied for a experimental/beta version or aything.
    What is also weird is that some of my friends are (like I said) experiencing the same.
    I have discord on my laptop that is about 3 years old, it has an i7 6500u. I too have Discord on my desktop, that has an i7 7700k. I'm only experiencing these "problems" on my laptop. I might just try to reinstall Discord. I'll post something with the results.

  • Yaixs

    actually discord has some minimal requirements and i dont think very low end pcs can run it so idk

  • InBlue

    Seriously? Discord is built on a platform known as 'Electron', this basically allows you to take a website and turn it into a desktop app, with some minor changes. Electron runs on the a simplified version of Google Chrome, so what you are saying is that there is a computer that is incapable to using Google Chrome...

  • thetechguy
    just use your browser
  • ˢᵃᵍᵉ.тнєнσяяσя

    your systems are not "low end" a "low end" pc in 2019 should have around 8gb of ram, knowing that. a mear 800mb cap out of memory is hardly worth getting stressed over, however if your having issues with your gaming, find appearance tab and disable hardware acceleration then restart discord to remove its lag generating effect from your games. if that does not work then your cpu/mobo/ram amount in some combination render your computer out of date for modern games and not low end. sorry to be the bringer of bad news :(

  • criptixo

    I don't really think this is a good idea, just use discord on your browser.

  • voiden.

    Huh, that's weird...

    I'm running discord on a quite old laptop (2013 ish) with an i5 processor. The pc is fine for most things, including discord, which runs perfectly fine. I'm in 20-30 servers, all pretty big, and I have a couple of games installed. So I am not sure why the program runs so poorly on your machine... The only thing I could think of is that you have installed a non-stable version of discord, like canary, and have received a weird update that kills the performance. Maybe...


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