Discord needs a LITE version!



  • 🎃 MGPlayz YT 🎃

    Please Discord we NEED THIS! The app used to be lightweight now it's just another memory hog.

  • sorin

    so, does discord lite exist?

  • GodRage

    The only "light" version is the web-version that you keep opening/closing in your internet-browser. ;)

    But they made ugly changes to this web-version: you can't change your push-to-talk button... neither any other shortcut button!

  • fumasSsa

    Well.. this thread has 2 years and no answer from discord or the market

    Competitors usually read those comments to develop better products..

    Lot of people asked for a corporate version too.. without the gaming approach.. but again.. nothing.

    Maybe we should go back to teamspeak.

  • Artuto

    After using this platform for 3 years I can confirm this feedback site is useless for requests that do not bring more money to their pockets.

    Unfortunate but that's how it is.

  • Erika Asuna

    Discord doesn't care, I using web version and rarely.

    Most my friends have migrated back to Teamspeak anyway, and with Steam improving the chat overall, there's no reason to keep using this bloatware Discord.

  • ۝ΔᜬDԄΞƴ۝໑

    yes please, the current Discord has a very polluted interface and uses a lot of ram, A simplified Discord like Ripcord would be great

  • Sandbag

    Microsoft Buying Discord smells like it's time for something new anyway.

    The new Teamspeak BETA looks pretty nice.

  • MiaMeepMorp

    Yes, please. I need to be able to run it on my Raspberry Pi 3B.

  • Venom²

    We need this to be added! My 4GB PC is slow with Discord!

  • iNgeon

    Best of both worlds.
    Keep the single discord client but add an option under Advanced settings for a lightweight low resource optimized mode that only enables the bare essentials only.
    Reduce constant cpu and ram usage when enabled

  • ItsInvis

    We need a smaller version

  • Sashank999

    So let me tell ya.

    I am a web dev. I work on a small project as a hobby. All I need is access to my server's chat. There is absolutely no need of in-game overlay, light mode or any shortcuts. Just alert me when someone pinged me, and I thats all I need.

    And I absolutely hate to "install" software on my laptop. These just leave out empty folders or trash folders, which are impossible to clean manually without "installing" 3rd-party software.

    We NEED a portable Discord LITE, not a big 78.3 MB installer. I strongly believe that you guys can do this in < 10 MB. Hope Discord LITE comes out soon!

  • frospr

    Agree also we need a linux 32 bit support !

  • Khlydo

    We about to enter 2022 and there's still no lite version




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