Opt out of mobile indicator



  • mariobob

    +1 please add a toggle 

  • -5
  • roomba

    dsfdsfdsf 1999{!#(2+(ppPpp00018 why -11 xd

  • CmptrWz

    Regarding TeamSpeak, there's a *major* difference between Discord and TeamSpeak there:

    With TeamSpeak, you sign into a specific server. Don't want a given server to see you on mobile? Don't sign into that server from mobile.

    With Discord, you sign into all of your servers at the same time. Sign into Discord at all and your status is identical across all of the servers you've joined. Even if you just need to communicate with people in a single server in your list, or a single friend even.

    Allowing for server-specific statuses or "invisible to non-friends" could help there, of course.

  • Linkeh

    +1 I don't want people to know when I'm at home and when I'm not.

  • ѕαpphírє~


  • Torbjörn

    I guess that it’s true that your mobile status is global on Discord. But how do people even know where you live? Are you sharing that information with every single person you meet on Discord? Has anyone’s house been broken into yet? Unless you link social media profiles or use your real name I doubt anyone could easily obtain your address. 

  • Frost

    Well, you're assuming everyone is using discord for Gaming or general chat. But some of us are in local community groups and/or use it for work with our employers. There are a lot of instances where people might know you and your location in real life.

  • Izuku

    There should be an option to disable it, similar to how you can on the PSN under privacy settings

  • Shengaero

    +1 Completely agree with this, feel like it should be optional at least

  • dp

    This is just ridiculous. A toggle would be nice.

  • roomba

    downvote if ur bad upvote for no reason so just don't do anything to this comment don't upvote or downvote

  • poncho colada

    A toggle option should be considered imperative by discord, very disappointed they didn't add it with the indicator.

  • Marko Zajc

    Agreed, there definitely should be an option to turn it on or off.

  • davidd

    Super annoying that this isn't something that can be toggled. Super poor implementation of a feature that isn't really necessary/wanted in the first place. 

  • Middy

    Poor implementation is what Discord does. Mobile status indicators that violate your privacy, obnoxious buttons trying to sell you something no matter where you go, GIF features that massively increase the number of ways to circumvent disabled file upload settings, the list goes on... it's like they don't even take 5 minutes to think. Watch them release spoiler tags without the option to disable them permanently, forcing server mods to click the window every ten seconds while they're trying to play a game. It's going to happen.

  • TinomE

    Me i wanna known for fun any advantage or disavantage,

    caused by the incertitude state of mind a ninja mobile user could be?

  • Sab

    Just make an ''enable'' or ''disable'' button for it. That would be really nice. I dont want this phone icon to be shown

  • nelly


  • virtus753

    It honestly baffles me that we have to suggest to the devs that they reconsider forcibly divulging completely unnecessary and potentially sensitive information about us to other users without any choice on our part. There is no legitimate reason for implementing it this way; on the contrary, there is every reason to allow us to choose with whom to share such information and, more importantly, whether or not to share it at all.

    The choice to implement this "feature" as is shows an enormous disregard for our privacy and our ability to control our own information. We've lost so much of that already in the internet age. What we have left should be respected more, not less.

    ETA: An earlier comment reminded me that there have been actual instances of Discord users who have been arrested by police for attempting to lure teenagers to have underage sex. While the blame for what those users did clearly lies on them, it strikes me as a particularly poor decision to force us to reveal information that hints at our location with complete strangers on a platform with a documented history of stalkers and harassers.

  • Dappdude

    It is shocking that there was no op-out put in as soon as this feature was implemented. I updated my Discord today, first saw someone 'on mobile', and immediately wondered how I could turn this off. No one needs to know which device I am using.

  • TheLastCreator

    I very very much need to disable this for myself. I have a few personal situations where this information causes me a lot of problems, I'm going to start remoting into my desktop via phone to avoid this icon. Please fix or I'll have to resort back to Skype... Because somehow they protect my privacy more from low level threat.

  • nelly

    I ALSO USE REMOTE DESKTOP! lol the situation is so UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

  • Mumsy Buckson

    As many others have said, it's just beyond me that a toggle for this wasn't introduced when the 'feature' was released. It allows people to know that you're not home and can evade your privacy. Just add this already, doing the opposite won't be good for Discord.

  • Rose

    This mobile status thing is garbage. The only way to stop it from showing you are on your phone is invisible status, and then posts made will show you as coming offline so obv on phone at that point because why else. I don't want certain obsessive people stalking me and knowing whenever I leave the house, and being unable to post on discord when I am due to having to be set invisible.

  • virtus753

    The Do Not Disturb status will also block the indicator. It's certainly not a solution, but it may be marginally better than invisible/offline depending on your situation. Hopefully Discord will come to its senses sooner rather than later.

  • lucasfarina

    Yep, really an oopsie this time. I use discord to do even business-relation and work conversations, this is how much I trust discord as a tool, I'm a game developer and I think discord should be a standard, I sell it to all I can. This new feature is just a downer, it backfires my word for suggesting discord to replace Skype.

    Don't get me wrong, not gonna to cry over it, neither will discord for me, but I am gonna stop using it if this doesn't change soon, anyone who has "serious" conversations on discord, which they used to do on Skype, will need to turn this feature off, even if it means getting out of the platform. I'm pretty sure that are a lot of users who also feel that way.

  • Fennywave

    yeah its kinda shady

  • NickB

    I agree with this 100%

  • George Dremurr

    just put yourself on DND (do not disturb) and the mobile icon won't appear ez


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