Opt out of mobile indicator



  • Dappdude

    Putting your status on Do Not Disturb is just a workaround, not a proper solution to this privacy issue.

  • Ren

    Still annoyed about this. I've been invisible on Discord for three months and it's deterring people from contacting me. Being on DND has the same effect.

  • nelly

    I also have been invisible since the release of this update. I just don't want people to see my presence on mobile. I shouldn't have to go Invisible or on Do Not Disturb. These statuses both hinder people from contacting me or even knowing that I'm online or available. I definitely don't use Do Not Disturb because then I don't receive notifications. Pleeeeasssee address this, Discord

  • Pepito El Frigorífico

    I agreed with a toggle option ¿whats the point to put something forced? Give the user the freedom to use it as they like to use it. (Or sorry if it already put it, on in development, i can't find nothing more about this problem)

  • FameNugget

    are there any updates on this?

  • Ren

    I definitely still want this toggle. It's been FIVE months and I am tired of being invisible. 

  • nelly

    Yep. Still waiting on invisible. At this point it's basically confirmed to be a lost cause for security and I'm wondering if anybody can make an app to replicate Discord so that it's the same but just doesn't send a mobile indicator.

  • NOXA

    At least Skype didn't do this bullshit LOL. 

    I'm just not going to do Nitro again until this is implemented. Or something to its effect. 

  • Igor

    Please Discord team, address this issue. I believe there's enough quorum, isn't there?

  • Softmoon

    I agree with everything said. I think it'd be great if you could have a few options - having it on, having it on ONLY to friends and having it completely off so nobody sees what device you're on. Alternatively perhaps we could have the choice to set it to whatever type of device we want, though I'd prefer the former over the latter. Thank you.

  • Nymphonomicon

    I don't see the point of the mobile icon's existence other than Discord flexing their tech skills. Remove or opt out.

  • Meeko

    How is this still not a toggle? Several of my friends have just moved to being permanently invisible because they're not comfortable with discord showing they're on their phone and not on a computer.

  • NickB

    The issue I see with it now (since it’s been a thing for so long), people will assume you’re on a laptop/pc if you opt out (when it becomes available). So I’ll likely stick to offline for a while even when it is opt-outable.

    This is a privacy issue, people don’t need to know what device I’m on.

  • nelly

    Almost my 1 year anniversary of being invisible! I would love to come online very much!

  • Squarto

    Please don’t let phonelets turn off their mobile indicators.

  • Field

    I noticed that the mobile indicator only works in "Online" status. "Idle", "Do not disturb" and "Invisible" don't show it. So the mobile indicator doesn't even make much sense. But I still think that opting out is a basic privacy right if someone wants to see if I am at home or mobile it should be my decision if they should get that information or not. 

  • Aeris

    Adding my voice to agree with the request in this thread. I would love to be able to opt out of the mobile status indicator.

  • Wolfin

    Bumping. This feature was added ~1 year ago. We should have a toggle by now.

    I am against this for the same reason as I'm against typing indicators (or at least, for the ability to toggle showing/sending them). It's invasive, lets others know too much about what you're doing every second of the day. Pretty much just facilitates stalking, much more than it's an actual convenience for anyone.

    Privacy is increasingly rare in online services, probably because the more data you can coerce your users into providing, the more you know about how they use your service, the more you can provide that knowledge at a cost to those who are interested.

  • Emmet_v15

    Come on it's been TWO freaking years now

  • Ludwig

    Another year over and still nothing. (Written on December 2021, Omicron)

  • MossaSameer

    we need this toggle!

  • LJ_Dude

    Still nothing? Seriously?

  • nelly

    Hey guys, just thought you'd be annoyed to know that there's a plugin on "BetterDiscord" that's able to show you every device other people are logged onto Discord with. Super creepy that that's public information someone can just access unless you go invisible. Please please change this.

  • Lokize

    +1 to option for remove mobile indicator


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