Opt out of mobile indicator



  • Azrael

    I think instead of it removing it entirely it would be way better just to give us tools to limit it for privacy reasons, a toggle would be much more beneficial to everyone so people who really wanted this option can have it and the people who are worried for their own privacy can have it so it doesn't display, it would be a win-win.

  • Lyarrah

    I know situations where it could be a risk would be rare, but frankly I find anything that could potentially tell someone either that no one is at your house right then, or allow them to see when you're out and about, are a potential security issue in relation to robberies and stalking.
    There are numerous other inconveniences I can think of, especially in relation to community moderation, that could occur due to being able to see who's at a real computer at any given time. Plus it opens up new avenues of harassment; I foresee "I know you're on your cell phone, why not send me a picture? ;)" type messages happening as a direct result of this change.
    And even without specific reason or need, people should be allowed to have their privacy. If things like online status can be overridden, why not current device? Seeing a feature like this makes me nervous that we're on the slope towards "message read" verifications, which is something I find intolerable.
    Please either reconsider the mobile icon feature entirely, or let us turn it off for our safety and comfort.

  • PyroFox

    Next they'll add indicators when someone reads your message... it's facebook all over again.

    +1 for opt out or removing entirely

  • moonlightcapital
    There should be an option in the middle to let only friends see the mobile indicator.
  • Frost

    I'm really upset about this. The same way I don't think it's wise to post on facebook of social media when you're not home and your house is empty, I don't need an icon telling everyone in all my discord groups that my house is unattended. There needs to be an option to opt out.

  • Magikarp
    Also, if you dont want let your friend know everytime you are out or even to prevent sneaky stalker friend, a toggle will be enough
  • Kire

    It's really sad that his has 10 downvotes. It's a huge invasion of privacy if you can't disable it (and please tell me if you can). I shouldn't be afraid of using the mobile app, and it shouldn't matter whether I'm on my phone or not. Can anyone tell me really, what benefits there are to this besides Discord being able to sell the information for ad $$$?

  • Bexy

    Also agreeing with everything that has been said, this is feature I really really do not want :/ Let me have my privacy please!

  • jdc20181

    +1 Agree, there needs at least to be a toggle option, to switch to off, friends only or public I personally not sure what I think about it, but I do know that I do not want everyone knowing especially on big servers like D'Testers knowing too much information. 

  • Purple

    It's more of a matter of privacy than simple convenience.

  • Xrasnolud

    I totally agree - please let us turn off this indicator. 

  • McGarnagle

    This new feature greatly reduces my interest in using the mobile app. I’d also like a toggle option since I can see others liking this feature.

    Personally I don’t want to be transmitting which device type I’m on

  • CoalSephos

    The option to toggle will be a feature, the developers agree that you shouldn’t have to go offline on purpose.

  • kwando
    Yeah, having it toggleable would be a great compromise - I (personally) prefer to have it off, but I totes get why people may want to have it on.
  • wAffles
    adding onto other users privacy concerns, ill-intentioned users may use this feature to see when most staff are on mobile to raid, etc. Anyhow, I'd love to see this feature become toggleable when the feature is publicly released
  • FailerV1

    As of my comment here, this post sits at -3. Who's down-voting this? A lot of servers are into the 1000's of users, and people should be in charge of what information Discord displays that's visible to all these random people you don't know!

  • starcunning

    Any feature that broadcasts your locality to users (even something as simple as "at desktop" vs "not at desktop") should not ship without the ability to disable it. There are dozens of reasons why a user might not want to disclose this information, and right now their only option to hide it is to appear offline, which can be undesirable for other reasons. It was a mistake to push this feature without a toggle, and that oversight needs to be rectified ASAP for user safety and privacy.

  • Middy

    "We care about your privacy (just not to the extent that you do)"

    The fact we have to ask for this is a joke. Children use your service.

  • Juls

    100% agree with all that's been said so far.  There have already been incidences of online stalking from once-friendly gamers, and this indicator simply makes those types of situations worse.  Even if you block the person on Discord, another server-user could accidentally share info as to whether or not someone is at their desk or out and about.  It should be up to us, the users, whether or not we want others to know what device we're using when on Discord.  PLEASE REMOVE THIS 'FEATURE'

  • mariobob

    +1 please add a toggle 

  • poncho colada

    A toggle option should be considered imperative by discord, very disappointed they didn't add it with the indicator.

  • Frost

    Thanks for adding an icon  that lets everyone in all of my groups and friends list know when my house is empty and no one is home, I guess? It amazes me that they did this but gave us no way to disable it.

  • Linkeh

    +1 I don't want people to know when I'm at home and when I'm not.

  • powwu

    I think there will be an option to disable it. DND overrides it regardless.

  • Charo

    Remove the feature or give both PC and Mobile options. My Mobile friends had no idea I could see it/their icon

  • Ariejul

    I'm really not a fan of broadcasting what device I'm using on discord. There should be a toggle at the very least (though I really don't see the point in having this option in the first place).

  • - ̗̀VON ̖́-

    At least let it be toggled or removed entirely. My privacy's more at risk if my phone activity's getting monitored through the app. 

  • ѕαpphírє~


  • Marko Zajc

    Agreed, there definitely should be an option to turn it on or off.

  • davidd

    Super annoying that this isn't something that can be toggled. Super poor implementation of a feature that isn't really necessary/wanted in the first place. 


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