in-game voice chat key detection or game allocated key-binds



  • evaungh

    I completely agree. I play Rainbow 6 and would love to have my Toggle Deafen button on my mouse but I use the same button for free look on PUBG and Squad so it is a bit inconvenient. I would love your idea to be implemented into discord. DISCORD PLEASE DO THIS

  • Piper

    A lot of games use V as voice chat, and it's extremely annoying to be typing and hear the push-to-mute sound twice every time you hit the V key. +1

  • DroopieFace (Peter Jonkers)

    Same issue here.
    i do a lot of Racing and the push to talk button that i want to use on the wheel will also trigger the button box.
    because of the fact that discord is not recognizing or detecting that a button box and the wheel are completely different units.
    in every other game or program this is no issue. Only discord have this issue.
    ik hope that this will be addressed as soon as posible. 

    now i have to run a extra program to simulate key bindings whats pretty old school.
    Please Discord, address this issue and make sure that Discord can detect the distinction between the button devices. No extra software and tools needed!


    buttons, assign


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