Suggestions: Messenger feature, and DM customability



  • Sly Psychic of Indigo Lake

    But how do I use it. or download it or whatever.

  • sentialx

    Just go to releases and download latest `app-release.apk`

  • 86th

    Any word from this? Cant stop using fb messenger because they have this feature. Pls make this happen

  • I Get XP

    Waiting for this for years, my boomer friends don't switch to discord cause this is not available.

  • dimghero

    Is really Discord team reading our feedback? This is a great feature and a must. It was posted 1 year ago....

  • mayuna

    Any news on this? I saw there was added voice-like bubble someday.

  • FatSpidy

    The problem isn't if they're reading it, the problem is that there's only 50 updoots for it. I think suggestions need like a few hundred to actually get looked at.

  • Stalbourne

    The only reason why my friends are still using messenger instead of discord. Would love to have this feature and never use messenger ever again.

  • Capyryan

    If it was to be implemented, I can only imagine it being opt-in, as in:

    There is a new option in the text channel context menu on mobile, called "Chat Heads". It's off by default. If you turn it on, chat heads will appear for that text channel according to your notification settings, ie if you have it set to "all", all messages spawn chat heads, if you have it set to "@mentions only", only mentions spawn chat heads.

    If it's implemented like that, I think it's an amazing feature. As other people said, this is the only thing that makes Facebook Messenger superior to discord as a primary messaging app. If it was implemented I suspect that a lot of people would migrate to discord permanently.

  • Sheeper

    I like how much support this feature has. What I don't like is how this thread has over 2 years at this moment and nothing close to it was implemented. I doubt it's impossible to do, Discord would inform us immediately about that. So why isn't it there yet? 

  • pitt

    We have several groups on Facebook Messenger, only because of the bubbles. I really really would like to leave Messenger and Facebook entirely. Add the bubbles, please. 

  • Joshua

    I'd love this feature to replace Facebook messenger.


    So where are the chat heads? 3 years may be enough?


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